The Way You Move


Have you ever thought, "How am I moving all of my body?" Well, your muscles are controlling your body, and all of your muscles are controlled by the cerebral motor cortex in the brain. The cerebellum helps coordinate all the movements and many other things. There are three main types of muscles: smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. Muscles help you pick things up, move, and so much more. They are also attached by tendons and work with your bones. Read on to learn more about the mighty muscular system.
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The Many Jobs Of Muscles

  • Talk
  • Walk
  • Play
  • Smile
  • Blink
  • Eat
  • Throw up
  • Remove waste
  • Jump
  • Pump blood
  • And more

Muscle Problems and Diseases

  • strain- [streyn]
  • sprain- [spreyn]
  • cramp- [kramp]
  • tendinitis- [ten-duh-nahy-tis] inflammation of a tendon.
  • muscular dystrophy- [muhs-kyuh-ler dis-truh-fee] a hereditary disease where the muscles waste away and are replaced by scar tissue and fat.
Muscles Moving Your Bones

Muscle Types

The cardiac muscle, smooth muscles, and skeletal muscles are the different types of muscles. The cardiac muscle, or myocardium, is your heart. It's the body's hardest working muscle, and it never sleeps! The heart muscle contracts and relaxes to pump blood through your body. Smooth muscles or involuntary muscles, and they work automatically, even if you're not thinking about it. The smooth muscles sit in between the stomach wall's outer covering and inner lining. They are found in the stomach, intestines, and bladder. Skeletal muscles are those that work when directed to by the brain. They are attached to bones by tendons. All your 600 muscles are special, and together they create one strong body system!


  1. cramp -a painful, involuntary contraction of a muscle, or muscles, typically caused by fatigue or strain
  2. ligament -a short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint
  3. sprain -a stretching or tearing of ligaments, the fibrous
  4. strain -when you pull a muscle to far or stretch to far
  5. tendon -a rope like part that connects the muscle to the bone


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