Canada in 2060

By Anuk F.

Where are we now?

Since the year Canada had been founded, it is no longer a land waiting to be explored for it has already been explored, it is no longer a weak British colony that are enemies of the U.S but now instead it is a strong, independent country that is allies with the U.S. Thus Canada had been turned into a country beyond it's founders expectations.
How Powerful Is Canada?

What about our Demography?

Well I was just about to head into that! Firstly Canada has a population of about 35,000,000. Comparatively, that is a really small population because California has a larger population than that and it's just a state! Other than our small population one might guess that we have a huge population density due to how big our country is. Furthermore our population's age structure is 15.5% of people aged 0-14, 12.7% of people aged 15-24, 41% of people aged 25-54, 13.5% of people aged 55-64 and 17.3% of people aged 65 and older.
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As seen above Canada appears to be in a stage 4 population pyramid. This would suggest that Canada is a well developed nation that has had peace throughout the years. Canada has a 47.2% dependency ratio which I would say is a pretty standard ratio found among most developed nations. The birth rate in Canada is about 10-11 babies per 1000 people which is expected due to Canada's tiny population.Additionally our death rate is 8 deaths per 1000 people which in comparison to our birth rate are very close. Furthermore our natural increase rate is 2 thus enforcing the fact that we are in a stage 4 population pyramid as opposed to a developing country which might even have a negative natural increase rate. Our net migration rate is 5 people per a 1000 also suggesting that our immigration rate is much higher than our emigration rate. Our population growth rate is 0.76% every year and our infant mortality rate is 4 deaths per 1000 people. Thus Canada can be defined as the typical developed nation except when it comes to population.

What about the First nations?

Well what I can say is that First Nations are being treated much better than when Canada was just founded. There are 3 aboriginal groups present in our society: The Metis, Inuit and First nations. The First Nations are the first people to settle North American and live there. The Inuit are an Aboriginal group which lives in the Arctic regions of Canada and the Metis are people of both Aboriginal and European descent. Though Aboriginals are still stereotyped today for wearing feathers on their heads every time, it is still better than back then when we introduced Residential schools. It was because of many of those survivors that their traditions did not go away. In Canada there are 2 types of aboriginals: A status and a non-status. A status First nation had their people agree to certain treaty which seemingly gave them more opportunities in society while a non-status First nation did not and does not have the same privileges given to a status First nation. First nations are allowed to practice their faith and traditions in Canada today as so do many other groups. Though most first nations are in some kind of economic issue our government tries to help. In conclusion First nations are not treated the best or the worst in today’s world but if compared to back then, it would seem that our current situation is much better. Also as seen in the graph below, the First nations population seems to stabilizing into a stage 3 population pyramid.

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So what will demographics in Canada look like in 2060?

Well I would predict that the 10-14 age group right now, will be in the 60-64 age groups by then and the 20-24 age group right now would be in the 80+ age group. I can also predict that our population pyramid will look sort of like a time glass due to the fact ages 0-13 right now are much lower than the ages ahead of them thus creating a time glass. I can already make an assumption that there will be more old ladies to old men due to the fact that women have much longer life expectancies than men. I can also predict a huge rise population due to past immigration. 20.6% of Canada’s population right now are immigrants; say if the children of those immigrants were to start family’s in the long run wouldn’t it make sense that the current population of the certain ethnic group would increase rapidly. Thus when that group’s population increases so does Canada’s and the cultural diversity would also increase due to this factor. I can also predict that our life expectancy will go past the 100s maybe. I think this because throughout Canadian and even World history, human life expectancy has been increasing in a certain rate alongside each new innovation that makes it happen. A common example of this would be medicine, back in the day most diseases were not curable and if there was a cure it would most certainly painful but nowadays treatments are available, free and not harmful. Additionally I think our immigration rates will slow down for a while. Around the world, developing countries have been steadily making themselves into developed countries as a result throughout the world we now have some sort of peace unlike the 1800-1900s where there was conflicts that would even threaten the world’s superpowers. Additionally the world seems more united than ever before obviously because of the U.N, the E.U, the A.U, the G8, the G20 and the Arab league. Due to this fact I also believe that the net migration will drop too. Likewise the natural increase rate will be much higher due to more births than deaths each year. I believe that most people immigrating to Canada will come from the Arabian Peninsula and some parts of Africa. I think this because as seen in the news, most major conflicts are taking place in these regions whilst other developing regions or growing to become developed. I would predict that most immigrants would settle in Ontario or Quebec, due to the fact that most immigrants that are predicted to come to Canada might speak English or French. Also that Ontario and Quebec are famous for their education policies and are much safer and hospitable regions to live in the most other regions in Canada. Furthermore immigrants from certain countries that are predicted to come to Canada can settle with family members already living there due to the fact the ethnicities of the certain immigrants have already settled and lived there for decades. Therefore, this is what I think is going to happen to Canada in 2060.

Where will the First Nations be in 2060?

I predict that our society will be more tolerant of First nation culture in 2060. The reason I believe this is because our grown cultural diversity and accepting throughout Canada. If Canadians are able to accept Foreign born cultures easily then they are more likely to accept First Nations too. With the growing Liberalism on the rise in Canada one can only think that Canada will be a home to every culture in the future such as First Nations. Most First nations today are in some kind of poverty but I bet after 50 years of continual work to strengthen themselves up I would predict that society would not see them as poor drunks anymore but as Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Politicians, Lawyers, Teachers and etcetera. I would also predict that the population of these certain groups would increase exponentially. According to the population pyramid below, the biggest age group today in the First Nation society are 0-19, thus suggesting that if they were to survive till old age and start families the First nation’s population would increase. In conclusion I think that First nations living in 2060 would have a much better time than they did today.

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What my life will be like in 2060?


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