forms of sales promotion

By: Luke Greenwood

Premium Product Give-Away

A product give-away is when i company gives you a free gift as a way to advertise to you or as a bonus if you purchase their product. A perfect example of this is when you buy steelers tickets you are given a free terrible towel.

Contest and Sweepstakes

visa has a sweepstake that when you use your visa card between september 1st and november 30th you are automatically entered to win an all expense paid trip to watch the super bowl in arizona


sampling is when a company gives you a free trial or small amount of their product to encourage you to purchase their product a perfect example is netflix who gives a free month to anyone who signs up for a new membership.
Airport - Netflix - Commercial Ad

Point of Purchase

Redbox is a point of purchase item they are displayed just past the checkout and display the new releases you can rent. Redbox is a great impulse product and is placed appropriatly in stores
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Special Event

movie premiere are special events to premote a movie and create buzz about the film
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company produce coupons to draw customers into the strore who will end up spending money on other items they dont have coupons.
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