Chore Poem

By: Amna Dhanani

Amna Hibah Dhanani did not want to baby sit.

She did not want to the slightest bit.

Babies are stinky, smelly, and terrifying.

How do I make this demonic child stop crying?

Why won't it eat any of this food, I find it quite rude.

It rejected peas and carrots, candy too, she'll spit it up even if its been chewed.

Occasionally it'll become calm and quiet.

But when it's for bed, it becomes a riot.

I'll chase the ball of energy up and down the stairs.

I think it's time this child goes to a daycare.

Once I catch the ninja-like baby, I might need a break, maybe.

I guess now its time to read it a book or two.

Probably one about the train that says choo choo.

It starts to fall asleep and without a peep..

To the couch I leap, and begin to count sheep.