Acapulco, Mexico

By: Addy & Jill


Acapulco was inhabited by the Nahua Indians around 3000B.C. It was conquered by the Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortez in 1521 when the Aztec empire fell. Cortez then Turned Acapulco into a shipyard to help him conquer more territories, and remains to this day an important trade destination to many countries. Cortez also enslaved all of the Nahua Indians for the next 1000 years. During this time Acapulco became a pirate destination. And to defend Acapulco from their many attacks The Fort of San Diego was built, to defend the city. In 1810 Acapulco was a key part in the independence movement of Mexico. But in the 1920s Acapulco transformed into a tourist destination and has remained that way to this day.


Acapulco is located in North America in the Northern Hemisphere . It is on the southwest coast of Mexico. And just south of the capital Mexico City.


There are a few different language spoken in Aculpoco, the main language being Spanish. Most people from Aculpoco can understand English, but most tour guides speak English so that tourists can understand them. Less common languages spoken are German, French, Italian etc. although these languages are almost only spoken by tour guides, they are not very apparent in normal day life in Aculpoco.

Native People

The native people of Acapulco are the Nahua Indians.

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Sports played

The sports that are played include:

-Cliff diving


-Sky diving



-Bull fighting

-Horseback riding

-Water skiing

Points of Intrest

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Acapulcos Beach Resorts

Acapulco's Beach Resort's is also one of Acapulco's main attractions. It has beautiful scenery and crystal waters and is known as one of Mexico's most relaxing places.