WHHS 101

An Introduction to Western Hills High School

What Do I Think New Teachers Need to Know?

When you think about the library media specialist you probably think of the person who is responsible for checking books in and out and someone who helps students use computers for research. Although I do these things there is SO much more that I can and will do for you and your students. I am an instructional partner which means I will come along side of you and help you teach your students because in reality they are all OUR students.

This year in addition to serving as the library media specialist I am also taking over as the School Technology Coordinator (STC). That means that any problems you have with your computers, projectors, bulbs, document cameras, wires, internet, email, etc. come to me. Sometimes I can fix whatever the issue may be. Hopefully I will have some techie students who can also assist with technology troubleshooting. If the problem is something we cannot solve, then I will put in a ticket to Nolan Hellard, our computer guy, and let him and the the technicians take things from there.

Feel free to ask, call or email me with any random Western Hills Wolverine questions as well. If I don't know the answer, I'll help you find it. It's why I am here.

Library Procedures

Students in the Library

ALL students who come to the library MUST HAVE A LIBRARY HALLPASS.

There are three exceptions to the library hallpass rule.
  • Students who are picking something up from the printer
  • Student aides who are making copies, placing items in mailboxes, picking up mail, etc.
  • Students who wish to visit the library before school, during their lunch block, or after school

Students who do not have a library hallpass will be sent back to the classroom.

Students must sign in at the computer station with their student id numbers when they arrive. Mrs. Bell or one of the library aides will assist students who do not know their student id numbers. Students must sign out at the computer station upon leaving the library media center. Students who fail to sign in at the computer station are considered skipping.

Rhonda Spence Bell - Media Specialist / School Technology Coordinator

This is my 3rd year at Western Hills High School, and my 21st year working with students. I got married on July 5, 2014, and I am trying to get used to my new last name after being Rhonda Kay Spence for 40 years. Please bear with Mrs. Bell, as I may not respond when you refer to me by that name. Before coming to the library, I was a high school math teacher. I am available to help locate resources, research, find the perfect book, and collaborate and design lessons and projects. The easiest way to reach me is email as sometimes the library is too loud for me to hear the phone, or I am away from my desk.