FA News

September 28, 2020

A Note from Rhonda

Happy Fall!

The teachers and I are so glad for the cooler weather and a break from the storms! I come to you with such a sad heart. My brother passed away this last week and the Lord has taken one of the most important people in my life. I appreciate all of the love I have received and I will be returning to class soon.

We have been having so much fun with your children and we thank you for trusting us with them daily. This year we have been so blessed and have had no issues with Covid. A big thank you to each of you for keeping your children home when they are not feeling well. Please continue to be on guard for illness in the coming flu season.

Parents make sure you are checking DoJo for messages. This is how the teachers and I will communicate with you. If you are unable to get into your DoJo account, please tell one of the teachers and they will assist you.

Please read the important messages below and keep my family in your prayers.

Thank you,


Important Information

1. We would like to announce Faithful Academy's 2020-2021 Student Council!

President: Jonathan Miller

Vice-President: Joshua White

Secretary: Sarah Stafford

Historian: Jackson Darden

Council Representatives:

High School: Jaden Seabourne, Carson Vickery

Asher: Bryan Chamberlain, Hannah Stafford

Levi: Abel LaBrie, Libba Ruiz

Each of these students campaigned with posters, handouts and gave speeches. They did an incredible job!

2. Fourth tuition payment is due - Thursday, October 1st

Please let us know if you have not received a statement to your email. Tuition is past due after the 5th and late fees will be applied.

3. We are so excited to kick off our First Annual Fundraising Appeal. Look for a packet coming home with your child in the next week. Faithful depends on fundraisers to keep our school as special as it is with small class sizes and individualized instruction. This year we are unable to do our regular fundraisers. This will be our first time to ask parents not to donate but to reach out to others, who would love our school as much as you do. Please pray about who you would be able to send a personal note to and request a donation of any size: family, friends, business associates, or maybe a person who had a child that would have flourished if a school like Faithful was available for them. Faithful is a special place and we are dedicated to give the best to each student. Please prayerfully consider how you can help. More information will be coming!

4. Just as your family values their time together, Faithful's faculty value their family time too. In order to ensure that the faculty have uninterrupted family time after school and on weekends, please refrain from sending messages through DoJo or by any other means from 6:00pm-7:30am. Messages received at 6:00pm or later will be answered the following school day. Thank you for your understanding. We try to be accessible as possible but we need our rest also!

5. Keep sending pictures of your grocery receipts to Boxtops for Education! Download the Boxtop app and put in Faithful Academy as your school. It is super easy! Next time you see Michelle Miller let her show you how to get this started on your phone.

6. Faithful T-shirts are on the way soon. Due to Covid the company got backed up but we were informed they will be printing ours soon. Thank you for your patients!

7. Hooray! Fall break will be coming soon! Please note that Oct 26 - 29th there will be no school. Students return November 2nd for classes.

8. A huge thank you for the school supplies for the service project! All school supplies are boxed up and will be sent to two christian schools in Lake Charles. Thank you for your generosity and showing the students how important community service is. Also, the students made beautiful cards to be included.

9. Another thank you for families that contributed to the fall decorations for the school! The teachers lounge had a wonderful fall makeover and the teachers were surprised with pumpkin spice coffee and cookies. Soon the chapel will be filled with the fall leaves and the wonders of the fall season!