Do Frauds Harm You

How Many Frauds Are Out There

Why are frauds important to keep away?

There are many different types of frauds our job is to help others prevent them and identify which ones are important to keep away.

How many frauds are out there?

1) Robo Callers - are automated calls that are towards wireless phones or land lines.

  • to prevent them just call F.C.C and ask tell them to make them stop

2) Individual Fraud- individual frauds are any type of fraud that targets an individual.

  • There are many different ways to prevent this fraud.
3) Identity Fraud- when your personal files are stolen, and used for crime.

  • to prevent this fraud just cut up your credit cards when if you are a victim.
4) Corporate Fraud- a general fraud that is directed towards a business.

  • don't give personal information online.
5) Online Fraud- when people rely on the internet for information to use on you.

  • don't put personal information on the internet.