2015 Year in Review


A very entertaining year

There were a lot of wild events in the entertainment world. Here are just a few memorable events that I think attracted a bunch of public attention.

A memorable year in sports

What a year in sports. History was made, streaks have been broken, and many more. Here are the moments that I thought were memorable in 2015.

Products, Products, Products.

Technology is getting bigger and it's improving every year. Here are the best products I think were very popular and not really popular in 2015.

The best

The worst

Lights, Camera, Action!

A lot of great movies came out this year. Here are the two movies that I thought were very popular.

The Top Music Artisits

It was a great year in music. There were great songs that a lot of people sing along to. Here are the two best musical artists in 2015.

Great Public Influential Public Figures

New Year, New me

2015 was a solid year for me. But i know that 2016 is about to be lit. Here are some new years resoultions.