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Welcome. My name is John Morgenstern, California’s Premier Public Insurance Adjuster ( am proud to have helped many homeowners and business owners get the insurance settlements they deserved from various property damage and commercial property damages that have been sustained. Believe me, it’s never the settlement offered by Big Insurance!Of course each of my success stories began with a heartbreaking loss – a home damaged, property destroyed, a business ruined and tragically, sometimes even lives lost.It’s during these difficult times I often meet property owners - like you – for the very first time. Many folks tell me they are overwhelmed, vulnerable, angry and unsure whom to trust. Does this describe you? My heart goes out to you and your family. It’s important you know you can pick up the phone this very minute and call me. I would consider it an honor to stand with you and help take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Public Adjusters advocate on your behalf. They are intimately familiar with the coverage afforded by your policy AND with local building requirements AND with local building costs for labor and materials. They are involved in such claims every working day and use that experience to your advantage. They are unabashedly on YOUR side – with no allegiance to your insurance company.My advice? – be careful how you report water damage to your insurer. While you must be truthful, of course, make sure you explain the situation with the right language. For example, don’t use the word “flood”. That may not be covered at all, while Water Damage from a sewer line or from a leaking pipe may be covered”.

Homeowners and commercial property owners in flood plains are keenly aware of the need to purchase insurance to cover flood-related losses. The federal government, in conjunction with the insurance industry and local communities, formed the National Flood Insurance Program in 1968. This program makes flood coverage available nationwide.Be careful how you report water damage from a leaky toilet or backed-up septic to your insurance company. While you must be truthful, make sure you explain the situation using the most accurate language — or you could find your claim denied.Most people would not say, “my wife says she kinda thinks she heard the toilet running for many days…so, she did not think it would cause a problem while we were away for the Labor Day Holiday!” But, SOME WOULD!”

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Priority Adjusters Inc

Priority Adjusters diverted our Los Angeles emergency response efforts to San Bruno immediately. Our Insurance Adjusters assist homeowners regardless of their insurance carrier. As Public Insurance Adjusters our job is to advocate solely on behalf of the property owner – we don’t work for the insurance company.

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