Amendments 1 and 10

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Facts about amendments 1 and 8

Getting to know amendments 1 and 8.

The 1st Amendment

The first Amendment is big for many things but some more than others. The big ones the first Amendment is known for religious freedom, and freedom of speech. Those are two very important rights we have in America. And in this poster i'm gonna tell you about them.

Religious freedom

Religious freedom is the right to believe in whatever you want to believe in as a human being. People had such problems with this because the religion to go by was Christianity. Most people believed that God created everything. But the people who didn't who most likely shunned, people didn't like them ect. But after the constitution was passed it was politically and sociably acceptable to believe in other things besides Christianity ex: Atheism, Jewish, Buddhism,Scientology and so on. And today people can practice whatever religion they want without being discriminated against for it.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech was passed with Freedom of religion, Freedom of press and the right to assemble in 1791. Freedom of speech is the right to say whatever you want about anything you want without getting a penalty for it. This is a very important right, since there are many people in America there are many different opinions. So that means many people will not agree with some of the things you say, even though there is freedom of speech you will still have to be careful on the things you say. And the first amendment we all use in our everyday lives from saying our own opinions to saying what we believe in.
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The 8th Amendment

The 8th amendment is about cruel and unconstitutional punishment . Which is bacicaly saying that the Government cannot give a person awaiting the death penalty torture or cruel acts legally. The death penalty is still considered humane in some states.But others disagree saying that its cruel and should not be aloud. The eighth amendment is also about bail money. If someone is being charged for murder, no one can assign an excessive amount of bail that cannot be paid off. The amount of bail money is based on the crime that he or she did. So these two rights are very large in what we have as a human person in America. And these two we have to deal with everyday things like if you get in trouble at school you cannot abuse, brand, torture ect. it cannot be afflicted because it is not fair or humane.
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