Weekly Newsletter for LCMS Staff

By Tami Gunset


I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. I would like to welcome Victoria Carter to our staff. She will be teaching some ELA Labs and be the contact for our Dyslexic students. Please welcome Victoria to our LCMS family.

Lesson Plans - these should of been completed by Thursday, if you have not completed those you need to have them completed by 4pm on Monday. If you are having trouble or you feel the Forethought lesson planning is too much, please know if you have these written out you can upload them into Forethought. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Progress Reports DUE - January 25 at Midnight.

Department Meetings in Conference @ 4pm

Monday, January 18 - Social Studies

Tuesday, January 19 - ELA (Move to Thursday, January 21)

Wednesday, January 20 - Science

Thursday, January 21 - ELA

Thursday, January 21 - SPED/ESL (Move to Monday, January 25)

Monday, January 25 - SPED/ESL

* Due to no scheduled Staff Meeting we will department meetings. Please plan accordingly to attend the department meeting. I will need you to follow the instructions (link below) and print out your Quintile Reports for your 3rd Six Weeks Unit Assessments. As a department we will look at SE's and the quintile reports. These reports will be very handy and helpful as you develop your small groups for instruction and re-teach opportunities.

Technology Thursday

Matt Holley will be holding Professional Development during conference periods on Thursday, January 21st. Every teacher is expected to attend. Please be in the Meeting Room within five minutes of the period, so we can begin on time and get you back to your classroom. Bring your laptop and iPad, as there are several things he will cover.

Please make sure you are putting in a Help Desk tickets when you would like for Mr. Holley to come and visit your classroom to help implement technology in your lesson. He is on our campus every Tuesday and Thursday, so let’s utilize him each week.

Technology to CHECKOUT: staff we have several iPad carts and Mac Book cart not being used on a daily bases. Please utilize these devices. I know that several are using technology, but I also feel we can implement SO MUCH MORE! We will continue to provide monthly Technology Implementation PD, so that you can become more familiar with ways to enhance your instruction.

*Please make sure to reserve open computer labs and iPad carts on the google calendar. The carts need to be returned to the teacher workroom (front office) at the end of every day. Please be considerate of your co-workers and take care of this. This will allow for easy access to the carts in the morning.

Avaiable for Check Out/Use:

3 iPad Carts

1 Set of 20 Mini iPads with locking cubes

1 Cart of Mac Book Airs - set of 25

1 set of Mini iPads - given to campus by Mr. Bryant

Each Core Department has 7 Mini iPads that any teacher may use from that department.

Library now has 13 Mini Ipads for students to use when they visit Library

* We have the devices to put in your studnets hands!

SAMR Model...Please watch Video before Thursday. Please click link below!

January Pirates of the Month

Congratulations to the following students on being selected as this month's Pirates of the Month. Each month, LCMS staff choose student Pirates of the Month. These students are chosen for their contributions to our school and community and for being caring, energetic students and good role models for others.

6th Grade:

Ben McLarty

Shelby Birdsong

7th Grade:

Trey Atencio

Hope Flournoy

8th Grade:

Vance Bray

Brittany Tyson

8th Grade Banquet Fundraiser

Eat at Chick-Fil-A (82nd and Milwaukee location) on Thursday, January 28 from 6:30am-10:00pm and a portion of the sale will benefit the 8th Grade Banquet!


The Lubbock-Cooper Education Foundation will again be awarding grants to LCISD educators seeking to expand on innovative ideas! If you have a proposal for an out-of-the-box, creative, or less traditional teaching project but are in need of funds, apply for the LCEF Grant! The application form opens up on Monday, January 18 and will close on Tuesday, March 1. Spend the weekend brainstorming - a link to the application will be made available on Monday! If you received this grant last year you are still able to apply again this year. Please be thinking of some ideas that will make your classroom innovated. I will need to be knowledgeable of your idea, so please make sure I am aware of your innovated ideas. If it involves technology the Technology Department will need to make sure we can support it and its maintenance.

Free Wellness Screening

Please see Nurse Riley to schedule your appointment. LCMS screening will be Thursday, January 21 in the Central Office Conference Room. First come first serve. :)

Health Screening Details:

Insurance: Lubbock-Cooper only has two plans: First Care and AETNA

AETNA TRS: Very limited preventative benefits that will not cover all the tests. Covenant Wellness will only test for the listed: PSA (men over 50), hbA1C, automated chemistry, TSH, CBC and Lipid Panel as stated on the Aetna information sheet.

All First Care plans will cover all Wellness Tests.

*Covenant will not verify any other insurance plans; if an employee not covered by First Care or Aetna wants to test, they will have to sign a waiver and will receive a bill for any cost that is not covered by their insurance company.

Staff members will call the campus school nurse at each testing location to make an appointment for the testing day. Heather (4031) will schedule for LCMS and Administration. Every other campus will have its own testing date (see attached).

  • Phase 1 must be schedule before Phase 2

  • Make sure all appointments are back to back with no large gap

  • Staff members can sign up at any location

***The Wellness Numbers continue to decrease each year. When the numbers drop off, that campus will no longer have its own testing location.

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Next Two Weeks Calendar Events

  • Week of January 18 - 8th Math and Reading, 7th Writing Tutoring can begin once a week (4 weeks)
  • Monday, January 18 - Happy Birthday Gary Simmons
  • Monday, January 18 - Teacher Massage (11am-1pm)
  • Wednesday, January 20 - ARD Meeting - AM Only
  • Thursday, January 20 - Technology PD during Conference periods with Mr. Holley
  • Thursday, January 21 - Girls Basketball vs LBMS @ LBMS (5:30pm/6:30pm)
  • Thursday, January 21 - Boys Basketball vs LBMS @ LCHS (6:00pm/7:00pm)
  • Monday, January 25 - 8th grade to PAC for HS Schedule Request (9:00am)
  • Monday, January 25 - 8th grade Parent Meeting for HS Scheduling @ PAC (TBA)
  • Monday, January 25 - Girls Basketball vs Evans @ Evans (5:30pm/6:30pm)
  • Monday, January 25 - Boys Basketball vs Evans @ LCHS (6:00pm/7:00pm)
  • Tuesday, January 26 - 6th/7th grade Math C3 - no outside PD will be approved
  • Wednesday, January 27 - 8th grade Math C3 - All Day
  • Thursday, January 28 - School Board Meeting @ North Elementary (7:00pm)
  • Thursday, January 28 - Happy Birthday Sandra Brown
  • Friday, January 29 - Hat, iPod and Holey Jean Day ($1 for each item)
  • Friday, January 29 - 8th grade Schedule Request DUE online
  • Saturday, January 30 - MS & HS UIL Solo and Ensemble @ Frenship High School (All Day)
  • Saturday, January 30 - Happy Birthday Connie Alonzo

How to contact US!

Tami Gunset


Phillip Saffel

Assistant Principal

Tarah Jenkins