The Dixie Dazzler

Your Monthly Wrap-up!

Happy Holiday Selling Season!

I'm so excited about this incredible season we are entering! October was amazing with record-breaking sales and sponsoring on our team! November is going to be even more amazing! I'm seeing lots of promotions and $CASH$ in your future! We are entering the largest sales season for the year! Now is the time to maximize those trunk shows and increase your sales!

Need help? Check out the November Training Calendar. This is your go-to hub for all the training you want and need, no matter your goal! Ready to promote? Pick the training that's right for you! During each workshop, your Field Development Coach will guide you through the basics of Booking, Maximizing the Trunk Show Experience with the 10-3-2-1 (Selling), and Sponsoring. Attending these is a "must-do" for a Stylist in Jumpstart and a great refresher at any Career Level. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A.

Booking & Sponsoring Clinics in Novemeber!
Our ‘clinics’ offer a smaller environment to learn where you will be joined by no more than 20 of your peers and asked to be prepared to discuss a specific “case.” You will receive personalized and interactive coaching, as well as, practice using the Words to Say and learn to overcome objections. Any level Stylist can sharpen their booking and sponsoring skills in this session.

November Training Calendar

October Kudos!

October Top in Sales!

Top in October Sales (PCV)!

Carolyn Barnes 5591.77

Susan Carruth 3693.37

Amanda Shaw 2315.24

Whitney Delong 2237.9

Hannah Hendley 1977.76

India Cox 1952.8

Allison Smythe 1537.87

Tracy Thompson 1100.14

Jennifer Maddox 680.3

Kimberly Renz 661.05

Mallory Lescenski 655.85

Amber Diver 654.23

Crystal Cowart 626.86

Gina Nelson 623.35

Sherry Sawicki 621.12

Valerie Cloutier 616.85

Jennifer Meredith 518.7

Rhonda Seals 517.8

Brooke Horne 513.57


We added ELEVEN new stylists to our team last since 10/1/12! This is a record breaker!

Catherine Payne, sponosored by Carolyn Barnes

Debi DeLoach, sponosored by Amanda Shaw

Ronnie Seals, sponosored by Amanda Shaw

Mallory Lescenski, sponosored by Amanda Shaw

Lindsay McMillen, sponosored by Amanda Shaw

Kim Renz, sponosored by Valerie Cloutier

Theresa Wnenta, sponosored by Meg Thorstenson

Gina Williams, sponosored by Debi DeLoach

Brittany Faircloth, sponosored by Hannah Hendley

Penny Futch, sponosored by Crystal Cowart

Brandy Lemley, sponosored by Lana Pate


Congratulations to these New Stylists that have earned Jumpstart!

Whitney DeLong $450

India Cox $450

Ronnie Seals $300

Mallory Lescenski $300

Kim Renz $300

*Special Congrats to Debi DeLoach for sponsoring during her jumpstart!