Celebrate Eid al Adha with Me!

The Bazzi Family

The Festival is coming up!

Me and my family would love for you to join us in celebrating Eid al Adha! This two day festival happens once a year and is full of amazing moments. The holiday is similar to Lent of Christianity because like Lent, sacrifices are made. My house is decorated with crescent balloons and decoration swirls! We feel that you will have a great time during this experience!
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Eid al Adha Festival

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 8pm to Sunday, Oct. 5th, 10pm

Sanʿā, Amanat Al Asimah, Yemen

Sana'a, Amanat Al Asimah

Eid al Adha is known as "The Feast of Sacrifice." The majority of Muslims attend the special prayers held at many major mosques. Muslims typically wear new clothes and many do not go to work during this holiday. Students also get the day off from school. The holiday celebrates the sacrifice Abraham was willing to make for his own son. An animal is sacrificed at the feast, the same way Abraham sacrificed a lamb, and a third of the meat is given to the poor.

Eid al Adha Agenda

October 4th

8:00 pm - Pray and listen to a sermon at a mosque

9:00 pm - Meet up with my family members and friends

October 5th

8:00 am - Pray and listen to a sermon at a mosque

9:00 am - Sacrifice an animal in honor of Abraham's sacrifice

10:00 am - Exchange gifts with each other

3:00 pm - Enjoy our large feast

4:00 pm - Give remains of the meat to the poor

Aariz Bazzi

Your friend Aariz here! I am currently 16 years of age and 5'7, three inches taller than the last time we saw each other. Currently in a relationship with Afya Totah.
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My Girl

Takbir Eid - song of Eid al-Adha (عيد الأضحى) and Eid al-Fitr Ramadan