Key Holding & Mobile Patrol

A cost effective, flexible deterrent service

Security for your premises without breaking the bank!

Mobile Patrols and Key Holding are an extremely cost-effective way of making sure your business is protected, giving peace of mind and the reassurance that local,

experienced security professional operatives are close at hand to deal with any issue that might arise. leaving you to be able to concentrate on your core business.

Mobile Patrols

A Mobile Patrol Service provides an effective and highly visible deterrent performing specific site checks at random times usually outside office hours. We provide tailored solutions that are both pro-active (preventative) and reactive.

Cost Effective Deterrent

As the costs are shared by other customers in the same patrol zone, the savings over a traditional full-time dedicated security guard are compelling.

Flexible Dependable Service

A dedicated Mobile Patrol Service will:

  • Perform randomly timed patrols
  • Check for open doors, windows, signs of intrusion and vandalism
  • Provide an early warning and response to incidents
  • Alert the emergency services and your keyholder
  • Organise and manage a range of support services
  • Produce a detailed report of all actions taken
  • Utilise highly visible deterrence signage
  • Ensure your site is locked correctly

Mobile Patrol Service from £15 a night

Key Holding & Responders

T.C.S can manage all of your alarm activations and key holder responsibilities through a dedicated mobile response team. It’s a simple, hassle free and highly effective service that delivers value for money and total peace of mind. A highly experienced team leave you safe in the knowledge that your premises are totally secure and most importantly, your staff are safe.

24/7 Support

In the event of a serious incident occurring on site, professional key holders will organise and manage a wide range of support services including liaising with the emergency services, providing temporary guards.

An Effective Key holder Responders

We guarantee:

  • To use fully trained and licensed response officers
  • To respond to all alarm activations in the quickest practical response time
  • To react in accordance with your escalation procedure
  • To remove your staff from the danger of dealing with alarm activations
  • To limit potential liability claims resulting from serious incidents
  • To help you exercise Duty of Care to the Health & Safety Executive
  • To produce a detailed report of every attendance and the action for your perusal

Key Holding from 34pence a day

Other specialist services offered by T.C.S

Vacant Property Security

We can provide a tailor-made service for each site, from mobile patrols to fixed guards or alternatively the more popular short term remote CCTV technology.

Temporary or Fixed Guard

We can provide a short term, quick deployed emergency guard for site security and can also offer a fixed solution upon clients instruction and security needs.

CCTV - Live Monitored 24/7

Virtual Guard System

T.C.S can deploy a remote cameras system, fully independent including its own power source. To relay an image back to our UK operations room that will be monitored live 24/7. Using our humananalytic software we can then track any movement onsite and remotely activate the deterrent system. This system to date has deterred all criminal and vandalism acts on our clients sites. We achieve this because we are monitoring sites in real time this allows us to react immediately and sufficiently with the appropriate response plan.

The video below shows our deterrent system in action...

IP Integration

We can also offer (Subject to set-up) an integratiuon service for your currently installed CCTV equipment, allowing us to monitor you site 24/7 in real time. This will therefore remove the need for a onsite CCTV operative and could also reduce your guarding costs.

VGS Footage - Carnforth Attempted Theft

Why choose Total Care Security

As an experienced, trustworthy SIA approved contractor

We are committed, reliable and will assume responsibility for the protection of your premises, allowing you and your employees to get on with what you do best - running your business. Our quality security solutions provide you with peace of mind. We demonstrably commit to our customer service and the compulsory licensing of our staff. This means our customers can rest assured that every private security operative deployed on their premises will be working within the law and screened to British Standards 7858 as well as criminal record checked, continuous employment checked, vetting and credit referenced and all operational staff will hold SIA front line licences. On top of this we keep staff motivated by being a living wage employer.

Total Care Security Ltd

Please contact us for any further information or questions you may have.