The Piping Plover

Specific Name: Charadrius Melodus

By Suzanne Nevant

The Region in North Carolina where it is Found

The Atlantic coast, specifically Newfoundland in North Carolina

Why it is in Danger of Extinction

It is in danger due to the destruction and modification of its habitat. When people intervene and there is recreational and commercial development along the Atlantic Coast, nests and flightless chicks cannot survive therefore the Piping Plover cannot breed. Not only are the buildings disturbing their habitats, but people simply hanging out on the beach, riding buggies, etc has come to disturb their lives. Another reason that they are in danger of extinction is due to predators such as mink, red fox, raccoons, or skunks destroying their habitat along with humans and even the water they live by can destroy their colonies.

What is Being Done to Protect it

Federal protection is being implemented, and there are enclosures around nests. People on the beach are made aware of where the nests are which would hopefully cause them to have the courtesy to let them be. Also, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is managing water levels to try and save several creatures’ shoreline habitats.