WJHC Tripwrecked


The main charters in this book are Janey, Roland, Ciel, Skates, Sandy, Tara, MRS. Bort, and MISS. Willow. Miss. Willow and MRS. Bort are teachers. The rest of the charters are high school students. Also the school has its own radio station. The setting in the book is WJHC High School and Lizards peak. The school is located in Jackson Hill. Lizards Peak is on a mountain. The grades in the school are 9th 10th 11th 12th. Those are the settings

The plot in the book is the school goes on a field trip to Lizard Peak. As there about to leave they could not find Skate. When there on the bus they see him running on the side and they stop and pick him up. As the get closer there is a thunder storm and the buss brakes down. When it broke down they made a camp. Then in the morning Sandy walked to lizard peak. When he got there he told the people at the camp that he knows were the missing bus is.