Southern Colonail Williansburg

All About Willamsburg

Colonial Willimsburg

From 1699 to 1780 Williamsburg was the capital of Virgina, they were the largest Amercain colony. The colony was name after the king William the 3rd of England. They all had a small town, the capitol was at one end of main street and at the other end was a college. The Governors Palce was north of the capital. In the center of the town was the church. Many people there where Carpenders and cabitnetmakers work at craft stores. People got married in there 20s and were married for life becuase divorce was agenst the law. Most of Willamsburg were African Amercains, most of them were also slaves and work in the town or in a plantaion.
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The College Of Willamsburg

At the end of Willamsburg main street was the college of Willam and Mary, it was name after king William and Queen Mary they gave order to start the school in 1693. The college was a school for boys only, it tought 12 -15 in grammer, reading, writeing, and arithmetic. Four u.s presedents- Gorge Washinton, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and Jhon Tyler atended that college. Children in the colonies recived diffrent amount of education, depending on how much money you had. If some families had enough money then you could send them to study with a local minister or priest but theses things were only for boys. Women were usely expected to do things around the house, most girls did not go to school. Instead they got tought how to cooking, sewing and other skills from the mother or older sibiling some girls attended dame schools that means " women". These types of schools were run at the students house the parents would hire a special tuter. The girls learned prayers, the alpabet, kniteing and sewing.
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Trades: The Shoemakers Shop

If you walked along the streets of williamburg, you would see a number of shops with crafts-men work at trade shops. Craftsmen in colinies would make many kinds of items that colinest need for thier homes and farmes. Blacksmiths made objects out of iron, like horseshoes and plowes. Coopers made barrels and other containers. Millers ground grains into flower. Gunsmith made muskets. There were also carpenders, cabedentmakers, candlemakers and any other makers.

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