Easy Does It!

Simple Machines

Project Idea

Students learned the way simple machines make our lives easier by experimenting, reflecting, and using voice and choice. After whole class lessons, students were in small groups conducting experiments and designing their own Rube Goldburg.

Driving Question

How Can We Design A Machine That Uses At least 2 Simple Machines To Move An Object?

Key Knowledge/CCRS

COS 4- Define force and motion.

• Identifying forces that change an object's position or motion

Examples: lifting, pushing, pulling

• Identifying sources of friction

Examples: rubbing hands together, applying sandpaper to wood

• Describing the force of gravity

COS 5- Identify the relationship of simple machines to compound machines.

Entry Event

Students watched a YouTube video posted on Google Classroom on how to make their own marshmallow shooter using a cup, ballon, and marshmallows. Each student made one and they played around with them. The exploration of this allowed for the discussion of force, motion, and gravity. The students decided the amount of force applied to the balloon determines the motion of the marshmallow. Gravity also plays a role because it allows for the marshmallow to fall to the ground and not stay in the air once flown.
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Assessment Strategies

The assessment strategies include:



We also used Discovery Education to view a video on each simple machine and different Rube Goldbergs'.