Newsletter Week 8 Term 2

Sacred Heart School Petone Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Principal's Pen

Tena koutou nga Whanau

We are now in Week 8 of the term and we have 2 and a half weeks of school left for Term 2. This Friday school will be closed for the first Matariki Public holiday. We hope you enjoy the long weekend with your family.

This week we are celebrating our school Feast Day. The actual date is the 24th June but as that is Matariki we are celebrating on Thursday 23 June. This is a time for us to celebrate our school community and the traditions we have here. It also a time to be grateful for the work of all those who went before us, on whose shoulders we stand. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate with a school Mass. This is the first school Mass for the year. You are welcome to join us but we ask that you please wear a mask in the church.

We offer our prayers and sympathy to Fo'i and Charles Bell and family on the recent death of Foi's Aunty. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

Congratulations to Ina Manu and Sia Vaka who have been selected to participate in the Hutt Valley Netball Year 7 Player Development programme.

YCC Day- The new look Mufti Mania

You + Caritas Combined - Friday 8th July Gold Coin Donation

Students may wear non Uniform clothes and bring a Gold Coin donation. All money raised will be sent to Caritas for the Tongan Earthquake Relief Fund. This day will also be our Gold Reward Day and this will be a Wheels Day. Students may bring their Wheels to school.

Parent Interviews:

These will be held in Week 10 of the term. Tuesday 5th July 1.30pm -8pm and Thursday 7th July 3pm -5pm. This year you can book online for your interview. Please see the link in the newsletter. We would like everyone to make an appointment. Teachers will be contacting you to make an appointment next week if you have not yet done so.

School will finish at 12.50pm on Tuesday 5th July to enable the interviews to begin at 1.30pm that day. Students unable to go home will be supervised until 3pm. Please let Anna know if your child requires supervision.

Builders on Site:

The building work in Tui has begun and we look forward to having a bright new refurbished classroom when it is complete. The work should take about 8 weeks.

Teacher Aide Relievers:

We are looking for people to be Teacher Aide relievers. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in being a Teacher Aide reliever please contact either Julia, Anna or myself at school.

Absences and Lateness:

Please do not be offended if we contact you about your child’s attendance at school or lateness to school. We are here to help as best we can and have access to additional support if needed.

If your child is not wanting to come to school for any reason, please ensure that you contact us as we really want to help out where possible.

Winter Uniform:

Thanks to everyone for ensuring your children are wearing winter uniform. Please make sure that they only wear sports shoes with their PE uniform. School shoes must be black leather shoes with the correct tights or socks. Please refer to our school policy regarding hairstyles and remember that all hair which is longer than your collar must be tied back.

Board Elections:

This year we will be holding our triennial Board elections. The election date is September 7th. Keep watching the newsletter for more information about the elections.

College Enrolments:

This is the time of year that Colleges are starting their enrolment processes. Please check with the College to see what their enrolment requirements are and when enrolments close.

HERO Comment:

You will receive your final HERO comment for the term on Friday 1st July.


  • Please let the school know if your child is going to be absent before 9am if possible. This is a safety issue as we need to know where all the children are by 9.15am. We also need a reason for their absence.
  • School will finish for the July holidays on Friday 8th July at 3pm and reopen for Term 3 at 9am on Monday 25th July.

Thought for the Week

Mānawa maiea te putanga o Matariki

Celebrate the rising of Matariki

Mānawa maiea te ariki o rangi

Celebrate the rising of the lord of the sky

Mānawa maiea te Mātahi o te tau

Celebrate the rising of the New Year

Ma Atua e manaaki

God bless


Our Special Character

Sacred Heart Feast Day

Our school Feast Day will be celebrated on Thursday 23rd June with Mass at 9.30am in the church. You are welcome to join us but masks must be worn in the church. After Mass we will be travelling to Stokes Valley Pool for our Feast Day treat.

Dear Diary - A Journal Entry, written by Lauleni

Dear Diary or whoever is reading this (which you shouldn't be) today was just a normal day. Me, the Disiples, Mary and some other people were gathered in the room praying...until a giant wind noise disturbed us. Then the next minute we saw little flames or tongues of fire on our shoulder.

First, I freaked out, but then we realised it was the Holy Spirit. When we noticed, Peter started preaching, so we followed. Then a huge crowd gathered from Gailee, yet they could hear us speaking their language.

Then one man asked how is this so? Are we witnessing a miracle from God? That got the crowd talking. One man insulted us and said "Hahaha, these men are obviously drunk!" (Personally I think he was drunk.)

That got more people talking. Plus lots of people believed that we were actually drunk (which really hurt.) But luckily Peter stood up and said we can't be drunk because it's only 9am. I had a little chuckle with agreement but of course he gave me a look, so I immediately looked away and let him finish. So he continued and told them some predictions from past Prophets, like old men will dream dreams and young men will prophesise and move stuff like that.

Young people finally believed us (and not just the not-drunk thing), even that Jesus was the Messiah. So they asked how can we repent. Peter said all of us get baptised in the name of Jesus Christ and they did. Over 5000 people joined the believers of Jesus today.

Celebrating our Kura

On Monday, we welcomed Cooper and his whanau to our school. Cooper has started in Tui Class. Nau mai haere mai ki to matou kura! Welcome to our school!

Matariki is a special occasion in the New Zealand calendar which marks the start of the Māori New Year. Signified by the Matariki cluster of stars reappearing in our night sky, this is a time to reflect on the past year, celebrate the present, and plan for the year ahead.

You don't have to go far from home to observe Matariki. Traditionally, it's a time to slow down, share kai, reflect, and remember our loved ones who have died during the year. Celebrate by catching up with friends and whānau, star gazing, and having a home-cooked meal.

Our kura, led by our wonderful kaiako, have been celebrating Matariki in lots of different ways. We have been planting in our school garden, cooking and sharing kai, creating art, reading books, sharing stories and writing.

We will continue our Matariki celebrations through to the end of next week, finishing with Soup and Singing and a special sharing assembly next Thursday. A notice was sent home last Friday about contributing food items to our soup day. This has also been posted on our school app and HERO. If you have missed this, please let Anna know.

Mānawa maiea te putanga o Matariki.

Celebrate the rising of Matariki.

We wish you all a lovely long Matariki weekend.

Check out just some of the beautiful ways we have been celebrating below:

Health News

Nits (Headlice)

Unfortunately we have had more cases of headlice at school. Please check your child/rens hair, especially if they are in the junior classes. Please note that we cannot have children at school with headlice until they have had a treatment.


We already have many school families sick with the winter flu. Please follow the link for more information from the Ministry of Health.

Symptoms of influenza come on suddenly and can include fever, chills, muscle aches, runny nose, cough and stomach upsets.

As New Zealand reconnects with the world, we are bringing to an end the border arrangements that both protected us against Covid-19 and kept a range of other diseases out of New Zealand, including influenza.

We have had very little influenza circulating in our communities since the pandemic began and this means our community immunity is lower than usual. In climates such as New Zealand’s, you’re more likely to get the flu in winter. Some people get very sick – in most years, influenza hospitalises thousands of people, and some lose their lives to it.

We are expecting to see some of the new strains of the flu virus that have emerged in the Northern Hemisphere winter. There’s no residual immunity to these new strains.

Older people, young children, pregnant people, and those with certain medical conditions are at a higher risk of developing serious complications from influenza, such as pneumonia. If you’re at higher risk, it is important to call your doctor early, to find out if you need treatment. In severe cases it can mean a hospital stay. It can sometimes be fatal – around 500 people die from the flu in a typical year.

This winter there is the very real possibility of having flu and Covid-19 within a short space of time. This can lead to very serious illness and high mortality rates.

If you do catch flu, while you’re unwell, it’s important that you stay away from work or school. Look after yourself and your family – rest and fluids are especially important.

The symptoms of influenza can be the same or similar to the symptoms of COVID-19. If you are sick, stay home. Call your health provider or Healthline and follow their advice. They may advise you to have a COVID-19 test, and self-isolate while you wait for the results.

Rā whānau ki a koe!

River Rimene-Davis

Olivia Fairfield

Zach Howat

Laycee-Maria Tutahi

Hugo Smith

School News

School Photographs - Monday 27th June

Please ensure all students are wearing correct winter uniform and school shoes.

If you would like to pre-order and pre-pay your photographs, please follow the link below:

If you have ordered online, you do not need to return an order envelope to school. If you would like a sibling photograph, you can also order this online or pick-up an order envelope from Anna in the office.

Learning Conversations (School Interviews)

Please follow the link to book your Learning Conversation. If you have any problems, please contact Anna in the office.

Year 7 and 8 Career talks - We would love for you to share your career with us!

Career talks allow our students to gain an understanding of what different careers actually entail and provides our students with an insight into their possible future career paths.

Starting in Term 3, we would love for you to share your career with our Year 7 and 8 class. Parents, caregivers, grandparents...all walks of life and all types of career talks are welcome.

Please email Anna in the office on if you would like to share with us.

Stranger Danger

We have been made aware that there has been an incident of a Sacred Heart College student being followed while walking home after school through Alicetown last week. The student is thankfully unharmed, just shaken.

We would like to remind parents and caregivers to talk to your children about what to do in this situation, especially if they walk or cycle alone. Come up with a safety plan, such as walking with a friend. Follow the link for some great ideas around how to speak to your child about this:

Friends Of Sacred Heart (FOSH) - School Disco!!!

FOSH are hosting a School Disco on Friday 1st July. 5.30pm to 8.00pm in the school hall.

Tickets $5 (Please pay online into the school bank account and reference "Disco" and your childs name.) Tickets will be sent home with your child. Cash is also welcome. Please come into the office to pay.

There will be hot food for sale, treat food, drinks and glow sticks. There is no theme, just come dressed to dance!

Please note that due to Tui class using Pohutukawa during the Tui class refurbishment, that there will be no FOSH Holiday Programme running these holidays.

Board News - Upcoming Board Elections

Every three years, state and state-integrated school communities elect their parent and staff representatives to help govern their schools. For Catholic Schools, the Church also appoints Proprietors representatives. Board elections for Sacred Heart Petone will take place in early September this year.

School board members are active leaders in our schools. They have an important role of supporting strong leadership and ensuring effective teaching for all students through informed governance.

Parents/caregivers and people in the wider community can be parent representatives. School boards need to represent the diversity of their school communities to ensure a bright future for all our tamariki.

We will have several vacancies for parent representatives on our board at this year's election, and we would encourage you to consider putting yourself forward. If you are interested in being part of the school board, or would like further information please get in touch with Liz, Anna or Kate Wright (Presiding Member).

Sacred Heart School, Petone - Enrolments 2023



2023 Enrolment Applications

Applications for student enrolment at Sacred Heart Petone for 2023 must be received at the school office by Monday 5th September this year.

Enrolment Forms must have attached:

- A completed Enrolment Form

A link to an online enrolment form is available on the school website.

- A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate

We can copy this for you.

- A Certificate of Preference

Signed by the Parish Priest. Please do not leave this till the last minute, contact the Parish Office, open 10am-2pm, Mon - Fri.

- Child’s Immunisation Certificate (if completed)

Please mention this to any family or friends who may be considering Sacred Heart for their child next year.

Any applications received after this date will be considered late and will be placed on a waiting list.

Coming up...

Thursday 23 June

Sacred Heart Feast day Mass 9am - All welcome.

Feast day celebration - Whole School trip to Stokes Valley Pool (11.00am - 2.30pm)

Friday 24 June

Matariki Holiday - eat, drink and spend time with family! (School will be closed).

Monday 27 June

School Prayer and Whakatau 9am - all welcome. (Please wear a mask.)

School Photographs with LC Scott Ltd. (Please wear correct winter uniform.)

Tuesday 28 June

Junior Fire Safety

Wednesday 29 June

Junior Fire Safety

Board Meeting 7pm

Thursday 30 June

Matariki Assembly - Singing and Soup

Friday 1 July

Assembly 2pm

FOSH Disco - 5.30pm - 8.00pm

Reporting an Absence

If your child is sick or will be away from school for any reason, please inform the office before 9am on the day if possible. There are several ways to do this:

Sacred Heart School, Petone - Website

Our website has been updated. Did you know you can check out our school calendar or report an absence? If you think you may have missed a notification you can find it on our website under the communications tab. Check out our school website below.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours:

Tuesday 2.45pm - 3.15pm

Wednesday 8.45am - 9.15am

Please note that all uniform costs need to be paid within 7 days of purchase. Regular part-payments can be arranged. Please contact Anna if you would like to arrange this.

School bank account details


Please put your child's name and what the payment is for, as the reference

Community Notices

How are you celebrating Matariki? Join Lower Hutt City Council for the day!

Kia ora

Council would love to invite you and your family to join us at Puanga ki Matariki in the Lower Hutt Events Centre and Town Hall on Sunday 26 June. The event starts at midday with a whakatau in the Town Hall, which is open to the public and will be livestreamed, followed by a kapa haka performance.

Throughout the day there will be arts, education, activities, kai and performances with special guests “Tomorrow People”. A more detailed programme will be available closer to the time.

Also, I thought you might like to see the other events that have been planned across the city:

I hope you can make it.

Ngā mihi nui

Krisna Crowley Nepia (she/her)
Engagement Advisor

Te Kaunihera o Te Awa Kairangi | Hutt City Council, 30 Laings Road, Private Bag 31912, Lower Hutt 5040
Kawereo: 04 570 6666, 027 2469644 Paetukutuku:

Matariki Glow Show


The Glow Show’s fabulous, giant-scale, glow-in-the-dark puppets are back, touring all of Aotearoa! The magical MATARIKI GLOW SHOW is coming to a theatre near you, during Term 2 AND the July school holidays.

The MATARIKI GLOW SHOW tells the gorgeous story of te kāhui whetu õ Matariki (the star cluster/whānau of Matariki) as they gather to light up the skies for Te Tau Hou Māori (Māori New Year). But where is the smallest star Waipuna-a-rangi? Could she be lost in the moana?

The show brings this mythical magic to life with its unique puppets, which glow under UV lights in a black box theatre and intrigue tamariki wherever they go. Delightfully told in te reo Māori and English, the MATARIKI GLOW SHOW educates as it entertains, with its cutting-edge concept, upbeat original soundtrack, and themes of whakawhānaungatanga, friendship and togetherness.

The show is touring to 40 venues, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, most locations, staging two different shows - a concise version for ages 5 and under, and a longer version with Q&A for 6-12 year olds. Shows sell out so book your tickets fast!

The Matariki Glow Show will be at Lower Hutt Event Centre, July 11! School Holidays 11am (0-5 years) - $16.50pp + fees 1pm (6-12 years) - $18.50pp + fees One day only, so don’t miss out! Book at You can email us for more info at

The Matariki Glow Show is proudly presented by Little Green Man Productions Join us on Facebook!

Multi-Sport Holiday Camp

PLANiTPRO & Total Tennis are holding our 'ULTIMATE MULTI-SPORT HOLIDAY CAMP' these July holidays at the Mitchell Park Tennis Centre in Lower Hutt and the Renouf Tennis Centre in Wellington. There are a wide variety of sports and indoor activities including tennis, indoor hockey, futsal, dodgeball, baseball, and much more!

We run from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM with daily or weekly enrolment options available - we also offer an after camp care service until 5:00 PM!

Our facilities have indoor and outdoor options so bad weather is no problem for us!

Learn more and enrol at

Or check out our informational video at

See you there!!

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