SY 21-22 Admirals Weekly Update

VOL 18 - 21 January 22

ROM Guidance

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Dress Code Changes

You will notice STUCO posting Gender Neutral Dress Code Posters in the hallways and for your classrooms. STUCO worked with students and Administration in the creation of a non-gender targeting representation of our dress code in an easy visual model with neutral wording. These are designed intentionally not single out any one specific gender for dress code violations. Everyone has the same rules: Tops must reach from the top of the armpit to the top of the opposite armpit. Any sleeveless top must have 2” straps. Bottoms/shorts/skirts/dresses must reach mid-thigh, the torso must be covered at all times. Masks are mandatory as well.

We hope this makes referencing of our current dress code clear and concise for everyone.

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Note from Ms. Nancy

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Your DGF MHS Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC).

To All Students, Parents and Faculty,

I’m writing this from my home in the UK and I want to inform you that I am temporarily working

remotely. Additionally, I want to send a special Shout Out to the SIXTH grade Lunch Bunch

Groups which have been affected. I have high hopes of resuming in the near future.

During the last week of school before the winter break, I had the unfortunate experience of

learning that my immigration status to remain in Spain was insufficient and I needed to leave

Rota. It all happened rather quickly and I did not have the time or opportunity to tell you.

As a professional counselor that is certainly not the way I wanted to model closure. Please

accept my sincerest apology and know that I did not intend to abandon school abruptly without

any explanation.

I am anxiously waiting for my paper work to get processed and I’d love to stay connected. I can

be reached on my temporary work phone, via WhatsApp, in order to set up a meeting time. I will

then send you a link and we can meet virtually even if it’s just to check in and say ‘hi’.

I am only one time zone away and would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile let’s do our best and continue to take good care of ourselves and look after one


As always please know that I am happy to answer any

questions that you may have. I Look forward to seeing

you soon…virtually.

Temporary Work Phone / WhatsApp +1 580 574 7327



Nancy Pedagno, LICSW

Military Family Life Counselor, MFLC

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AP Scholars 2020-21 SY

Student Council with the help of Dr. Steve Bond and his amazing photography skills created the new AP Scholar display in the upper level of the school.

Congratulations to all of our AP Scholars for the 2020-21 Academic year:

Colin Baird: AP Scholar with Honor

Bland; Henry R.

AP Scholar

Bond; Owen D.

AP Scholar with Distinction

Curtis; Andrew M.

AP Scholar

Hagood; Isaac J.

AP Scholar with Distinction

Hasselbring; Marley O.

AP Scholar

Hertz; Kyra

AP Scholar with Honor

Hutyra; Nolan

AP Scholar

Lindo; Carlos

AP Scholar with Honor

Meyer-Brand; Evan J.

AP Scholar with Distinction

Rogers; Amanda C.

AP Scholar with Distinction

Rogers; Amanda C.

AP International Diploma

Sachs; Presley T.

AP Scholar with Distinction

White; Noah J.

AP Scholar with Distinction

Not shown:

Bondurant; Alexandra N.

AP Scholar


Lockwood’s AP Literature and White’s HS Arts joined for an art critique to practice ELA skills—speaking, listening, and going beyond the surface to find deeper meaning through symbols. After a study of art memorials, art students created plates to commemorate and honor someone (or event) underrepresented in history. Students connected to history through the Vietnam War, second-wave feminism, and 9/11, responded by choosing what to represent, created plates through all stages of clay processes, and presented their finished artworks. Thanks to the AP Lit students who eloquently responded with meaningful critiques. (ALL AP PIX)

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Rota Tiburones

One of our Admirals Autumn Sundberg traveled to Brussels this weekend for the NATO Marlins meet. With 2 first and 1 third place, she represented Rota well. Great job, Autumn!

The Tiburones Swim Team is not DoDEA sponsored if you're interested in the team please contact

Santa's Workshop

Art Club’s Santa’s Workshop is churning out some lasting snacks and gifts for the holidays. Art Club meets for the last time in 2021 this Wednesday and will return in Spring, 2022! Watch for dates in the bulletin.


Middle school arts have been studying human face proportions in these bright, expressive portraits.


USO DGF Faculty and Staff Appreciation Event

The USO Youth Advisory Council wanted to show appreciation for DGF teachers for their January programming. They set up a to-go box station to provide Covid mitigation for the health and safety of our valued staff and faculty! Special thanks to Brayden, USO Youth Advisory Council Secretary who helped to get this wonderful appreciation event set up and approved and to the USO for being the back bone of our community!

We truly appreciate all you do!

Students pictured: Colin Clark, Owen Bond, Zyrone Cuaresma, Sydney Romero, and Anthony Romero

Not pictured but contributed: Brayden Peter, Kyra Hertz (made the gift tags) and Nolan Hutyra (Youth Mayor).

Volunteer pictured: Desiree Romero

USO Staff pictured: Kayla Clark and Cassie Rudden

SCHOLARSHIPS: The December Deadline is Fast Approaching! Apply now!

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Home Work Club

Homework Club meets from 3:00-4:30 on

Mondays in Room 146 (across from the Nurse's Office) and on Wednesdays in the Library!

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MHS Book Club Every Tuesday

Book Club will meet in the library on Tuesdays during both lunches starting the week after Thanksgiving Break. See you there!

Multi Cultural Club~ High School

Join us on Wednesdays for Multicultural Club in Ms. R Brown’s room, #147, during the second lunch. Bring your ideas and your smiles as we plan and organize activities to celebrate the diverse cultures that make us great. Open to all high school students.

Looking for an e-Tutor?

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Scholarship Information

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) provides more than 1,000 merit-based scholarships each year for U.S. high school students to study abroad for a summer or an academic year in over 25 countries. These high school exchange programs prepare young Americans to succeed in the 21st century’s global economy by developing their foreign language skills, increasing their cross-cultural understanding, strengthening their leadership capacity, and fostering new academic insights and ambitions.

The application periods open this fall for the following programs:

These scholarship programs cover international airfare, tuition, program costs, meals and living accommodations (often with a host family). The programs have no language prerequisites, except for certain Youth Ambassadors programs. Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 18 when the program starts. The U.S. Department of State is particularly trying to reach young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a study abroad experience.

Please share this information widely with teachers, students, parents, and others in your networks who may be interested in these opportunities.

For more information, please refer to their flyer or click here. Contact the U.S Department of State at with any questions or to request promotional printed materials.

Thank you for supporting ECA and the U.S. Department of State's effort to build mutual understanding between people and communities around the world.

Hey, Admirals! What is SAC?

A School Advisory Committee is a team of elected and standing members who advise and provide recommendations to the Principal regarding concerns from the school community on a variety of topics, such as:

· Administrative procedures affecting students

· Allocation of resources to achieve educational goals

· Educational resources

· Instructional programs

· Policies affecting students and parents

· Pupil Services

· School lunch programs

· School transportation

· Student standards of conduct and discipline

The SY 21-22 Admirals SAC team members are:

· Chairperson – Priscilla Caprio, Parent Rep

· Vice-Chairperson – Sue Padalino, Parent Rep

· Co-Secretary - Amber Lamers Eric, Parent Rep

· Co-Secretary - Angela Sinnott, Faculty Rep

· Sanda Colombo – Faculty Rep

· Billy James – Faculty Rep

· Kyra Hertz – Student Rep

· Randy Lambert – School Liaison Officer

· Stephanie M. El Sayed – Principal

Join us for our currently scheduled virtual SAC Meetings on Tuesdays, 7 December, 1 Feb, and 3 May, at, from 3:30-4:30.

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School Liaison Officer's Corner - Newsletter & Scholarship Opportunities

See the link to the SLO Down Newsletter for December:

Looking for Scholarships & Resources? Then visit

PSS Admirals - Join our Parent Group today!

It is our mission to build the very best school experience for every student. To do this we support academic activities for all students through assisting with clubs, testing snacks, scholarships for boys/girls state, and volunteer opportunities. We support our teachers through assistance with clubs, meals during teacher development, and gifts during teacher appreciation week. We believe in our students, in our teachers, and in our DoD school. We believe that by supporting our school we build our future.

The worldwide pandemic severely limited our efforts during the 2020-2021 school year, but as we look to the new school year we hope to be able to return to more supportive efforts. If you would like to have a chat with Kathryn Johnson or myself regarding ways to plug into DGF and the PSS Admirals, please reach out to us with your questions, comments, or feedback. We’d welcome your input.

You can find us via email or our Facebook page.

Facebook page: Rota PSS Admirals

SAT & PSAT Tests and Registration Dates

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Moving after May 9th? Please read

Students that are PCSing with official orders that will be in school through the full day May 9th are eligible for 2nd Semester Acceleration. This program will allow them to request their work early finish all necessary work and exams in order to leave the school with completed grades for the year. Please contact us asap if you will be interested for the application. Ideally 8 Weeks prior is the best time to apply for the program so that your student has ample time to finish all of their work prior to leaving.
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COVID-19 Operational Guidelines & Protocols

Face Coverings Required - Masks are a very important component of staying healthy and reduce the risk of acquiring the coronavirus. Gaiter neck scarves and masks with valves are not approved for mask-wearing by the CDC guidelines. Students and staff will be required to wear masks throughout the entire school day, with the exception during lunch, where students will maintain at least six feet away from one another.

Visitor & Volunteer Policy - Keeping students safe is our top priority. This requires reducing the number of visitors to the school campus and classrooms. Until further notice parent visitors and volunteers are not permitted on campus during the instructional day unless visiting the school on official business. Examples of official business include dropping off and picking up students outside of normal times, attending a scheduled appointment, or completing an errand at the main office. We look forward to when our school can reopen our doors to parents and other visitors. Thank you in advance for your understanding of this policy.

Below (see attachment) parents can find the complete DoDEA Covid-19 Operational Guidelines and Protocols document. Parents can also find more information about school operations in Covid-19 at

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Required Home-Based Screening Standard Acknowledgment Form

Every enrolled student is required to have a signed parental Home-Based Screening Standard Acknowledgment form on record prior to the first day of school.

*Please complete the attached form below and return it to the main office or email it directly to our fabulous School Nurse at

Parents, caregivers, or guardians will monitor their children for symptoms of infectious illness every day through home-based symptom screening via the Home-based Screening Standard Acknowledgment. The prescreening provides a vehicle to determine if individuals should be referred to a healthcare provider or quarantine based on symptoms and exposure, including close contact.

NOTE: If a student is sent to the nurse's office, whether self- or staff referred, the nurse will assess the student for possible signs and symptoms of COVID-19. A student who is sick, and not showing signs of COVID-19, will be sent home for at least 24 hours. A student showing possible signs and symptoms of COVID-19 may be out at least 48 hours, depending on the course of action by the parent. Siblings of students who are sent home with possible signs or symptoms of COVID-19 may also be sent home.

The school will take a conservative approach when assessing students. Therefore, it is important for parents to keep their students home when not feeling well. This will prevent the spread of germs and ensures students do not miss extended periods of school.


New Students - Parents of new students requesting bus service, need to stop by the transportation office. The transportation office is located in the main lobby of the elementary school. Staff will set up services and issue a bus rider pass for your child.

Returning Students - Parents of returning students, if already set up bus services last school year, will not need to come into the transportation office. Students will receive their bus rider pass on the bus on the first day of school. If there has been an address change, parents will need to come into the transportation office to update the address and to receive a new bus rider pass.

Bus Stops: The transportation office will send out bus stop and pick-up/drop-off information to parents no later than Tuesday, August 17th. This information will be sent to the parent email on file in the student information database. Please make sure your current contact information is correct.

COVID-19 Restrictions: Students are required to wear masks while riding on the school bus. Students are seated with siblings and socially distanced from other passengers.


Student Meal Program

Wonderful News! The free meal program is continuing for the 21-22 School year! Registration is now automatically coordinated so you no longer need to stop by the customer service at the NEX or the school. Please keep an eye out for your welcome letter in your primary email used to register in DORS.

~You will receive a welcome letter from LINQ asking you to create an account through Titan.

~The letter will have your Student Identification # and Pin number. Do not lose this letter!

~Follow the directions in the letter to sign up

~The District is Navy Exchange.

~A meal registration document guide is posted below.

What's For Lunch

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DoDEA Online Registration for Students (DORS)

The DoDEA Online Registration for Students (DORS) is currently available for families registering in schools serviced by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). DORS reduces manual forms and makes it easy for parents to register their children for school.

Parents can enroll new and returning students at

For complete information about the registration process, including eligibility and enrollment please go to

After you finish the Registration online please contact the School at 727-4183/ 956 82 4183 to finish the process. Or email

Contact US

School Website


Ms. Stephanie El Sayed

Assistant Principal

Mr. Edwin Caballero

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Manolo Sosa



Mrs. Tanya Maghanoy


Registrar VACANT

Please contact Secretary

Guidance Counselor 6th-8th

Ms. Pamela Webb


Guidance Counselor 9th-12th

Dr. Marcy Bond


School Nurse

Ms. Sanda Colombo



Ms. Adwoa Essel-Akoli "AJ"




Bell Schedule with Two Lunch Groups

1st Lunch is Middle School 6th through 9t

2nd Lunch is High School 10th -12th with select 9th graders in mixed classes such as gym.