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October 14, 2016

Teachers Tell Students How Special They Are, Tears Ensue

You Inspire Me

A week and a half ago, I shared the first video with you. I also challenged us to pick out a student and let them know how special they are. We've had our first one shared. I believe the google drive link should work for everyone. Thank you Mrs Priebe for sharing. I love Anna's smile at the end of the video.

If you video yours, please share with us.

Have a great weekend!

Tweets of the Week

I don't like to get political, because I'm not all that in to politics. However, watching the debate this past weekend, Karl Becker had the greatest town hall question for both candidates... "Regardless of the current rhetoric... Would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?" It was beautiful!
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Articles of the Week

Each week, I plan to post an article for you to peruse at your convenience. Understand, the purpose is not for you to necessarily agree or chagne what you currently do. It is designed to make you think and reflect on your current practices. Some ideas you may already use and that is great.

My goal for this section, is for it to become a sharing space. If you have read something interesting, please send it to me, and it may be posted later on.

This week's articles are shared by Mrs Signor. As you participate in IEP's and MDT's, we often discuss "Processing Speed." What is it? What accommodations and modifications can we give? How can we help students that struggle with processing speed? Processing speed is a very real challenge, and as teachers, we just might be the most important person in their life to help those succeed.

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind

October 17: 10:00 - Hughes Meeting w/ Mrs Nelson @ MS... 3:30 - 6th Tm 1 MDT (Off Conf Rm)

October 18: 10:00 - Dr Thompson Visiting the MS... 3:30 - 5th 2A MDT (???)

October 19: 8:10 - 5th 2A SAT (Guid Conf Rm)... 2:30 - PLC (Curricular)... 3:45 - 5th 3A IEP (6th Gr Conf Rm)

October 20: 11:00 - "Up Your Game" Luncheon... 3:30 - 6th Tm 2 Pro Partners (Off Conf Rm)... 3:30 - 6th Tm 2 IEP (6th Gr Conf Rm)

October 21: End of 1st Quarter... No School

October 24: No School (Pro Development @ NHS)... 3:45 - Hughes Calendar Committee @ CO

October 25: Nothing scheduled

October 26: 2:30 - PLC (Curricular)... 3:45 - 5th 3A IEP (???)

October 27: 6:30 am - Hughes and Specht at NPS Traditions Breakfast @ NECC LLC

October 28: 9:00 - Hughes or Specht Admin Mtg @ CO... 3:35 - 5th 1A (Gui Conf Rm)

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