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How Elephants Move

Elephants move by walking and sometimes running on there four legs. Elephants move through quadrupedal locomotion. This means that they walk on 4 legs. They are also very good swimmers. If they need to they will run as well.

What Elephants Look and feel Like

Elephants are easily recognizable, thanks to their big ears and long trunks.Elephants have grey trunks and are large ears, they ear very tall and large and the African elephant is the biggest. Elephants are actually quite hairy and feel very wrinkly.


Elephants travel together and are very family-centred animals. They walk with their family members in a herd. They travel under the supervision of a female called a matriarch. The matriarch of a herd has knowledge of food and water sources and is responsible for helping her sisters, cousins, and other family members to stay safe and healthy. When it's time to reproduce, the female elephants mate with bull elephants after a period of courtship. The female stays pregnant for 22 months while her baby elephant grows and develops inside of her. During labor, the pregnant elephant is given help by another female elephant. Once a baby elephant is born, it may drink its mother's milk for up to four years and will be cared for by everyone in its herd.

Where Elephants They Live

Elephants can basically live anywhere and can adapt to the habitats. Forests, woodlands, grassy plains, swamps and deserts are places they can survive easily. Elephants at the moment mainly live in Asia and Africa. They are also found in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Due to the capturing and taming of elephants, they can now be found in many other countries too. In Africa, they are found mainly in the Southern regions.

5 Fast Fun Interesting Facts

-Due to poaching, the number of elephants has decreased alarmingly, largely in West Africa, and in lesser proportions in North and East Africa.

-The Indians worship elephants, as one of the very powerful and highly adored Hindu gods, Ganesh, for he had the head of an elephant.

-They can in spite of their weight (which is a lot), they can be very fast and swift.

-In the forest, healthy adult elephants are the only animals that even the lions will think more than just twice, before attacking.

-the life spam of an elephant is 50-70 years


Research on elephant history revealed that elephant fossils were found in all continents except for Antarctica and Australia.

what elephants eat

An African elephant can eat as much as 660 pounds a day. Where the smaller Indian elephant eats less, but still a lot for you or me, about 330 pounds² a day - a human adult only eats about four pounds of food a day.

The smaller Wild elephants spend most of their time either looking for food or eating it once they find it. African elephants can drink as much as 50 gallons⁴ of water in a single day.

Elephants Eating