Mr. Budisch's Bright Lights

Go Pack Go!

Act Now is ready to go!

Dear parent or guardian:

Our school is participating in an online program, Act Now! Bullying Stops With You, that

discusses different types of bullying, how to recognize it, and how to deal with bullying situations. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW), created the program, and offers resources and programs for children, parents, teachers and caregivers to help keep kids healthy and safe. To find out more about CHW visit their website at

During CHW’s Act Now! program, your child will spend some time viewing online lessons,

watching videos and playing educational games. Each class will also be spending time

participating in classroom activities that will allow students to practice the anti-bullying skills that they’ve learned in the online program.

During or after the completion of this program could be an excellent opportunity to discuss some of these topics in greater depth with your child. We appreciate that you may have a different perspective to add to our academic approach. Look for some activities to come home with your child. These can provide a great opportunity for discussion.

We feel that health and wellness is an important part of your child’s education. This is not a

permission slip. However, if you do NOT want your child to participate in the program, please

notify us in writing as soon as possible.


Mike Budisch

Principal, Merton Primary School

Jay Posick

Principal, Merton Intermediate School

Jackie Kohnert

School Counselor

Student Writing about Football

Here are some photos of kids writng about their personal views about the current news in football. It is another way that kids can express themselves in writing about a topic that is exciting for them.

Graphing results of surveys

Here are some exapmles of second grade work in math. The children come up with a question and ask their peers about their responses. Upon getting the data, the graphs below result from their surveys. Nicely done.

Merton Corral

We are getting close to filling the Merton Corral with our Merton Mustangs for following the Merton Way! Yahoo! We are planning a special celebration to recognize the terrific behavior of the kids as part of oour PBIS program. Stay tuned for photos and the event!

Mike Budisch, Principal

the kids are doing a great job in school and giving it their best. I am very proud of what we get done in our school and try to get better each week. Thanks for your continued support as we near the close of the first semester. More learning to get done too!