Lugwig Van Beethoven

This is the best composer EVER!!!!!!!

Where and when was Ludwig Van Beethoven born?

  • He was born in Bonn,Germany.
  • He was born on December 16,1770

2 facts about beethoven's family or early life.

  • His mom died when Beethoven was 17.
  • Beethoven had only 2 kids.

One of Beethoven's most famous pieces.

3 interesting facts about Beethoven.

  • He wrote 9 symphonys in his life time.
  • He was a deaf man.
  • Him and Bach were two of the three B's

How did Beethoven die?

He died from poisoning at the age of 56.

Why do you think Beethoven is still famous today?

Because he was one of the greatest composers that ever lived.



By: Cooper Foster and Cory Turbeville