Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Reading Strategies for Home

The oral reading strategy this week is "Think Alouds”. Research has revealed that students who have difficulty comprehending, often have trouble seeing that the purpose of reading is to understand a message. Even advanced readers struggle with this. It is not enough to be able to "word call". Understanding is the key. “Think Alouds” are one of the best ways to help children see that reading is comprehending and that there are

strategies that help with this.

During a “Think Aloud”, you speak your thoughts while reading aloud, which is what experienced readers do. As adults we do this all the time and probably don’t even realize it. However, when you do this you are interacting with the text which helps you to understand it. In order to become more fluent readers, children need to be able to do the following:

• Predict

• Be able to form mental images about what they are reading

• Use their prior knowledge (what they already know about a topic)

• Monitor how well they are understanding what they are reading

• Fix problems as they happen in their reading

• All of the above can be done with the “Think Aloud” strategy. TALK,

TALK, TALK, TALK! That is the key! Remember, you don’t do all the

talking. Encourage your child to do some talking too. Attached you will

find a few question to help you with this strategy.

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting. ~ Edmund Burke

Mahaffey Theatre

We had a wonderful time seeing "Charlotte's Web" on our Mahaffey Theater field trip. Attending a live theatrical performance is an exciting experience for Kindergartners. The children all did a really great job staying engaged and had fabulous behavior. Afterwards, we had lunch at Demen's landing. Thank you to all of our drivers, we couldn't do so many fun things without you!
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Our visit from Mr. Chase

Olivia Litton's Grandfather, Wayne Chase, came to our classroom on Thursday to talk with us about his contribution to the Apollo space program. Him and his wife, Cindy, were working at the Kennedy Space Center during the beginning launches and first missions to the moon. He was very kind to give each of the children some beautiful photographs of a rocket, astronaut, and a copy of the actual photo taken of the first steps on the moon. He had such interesting things to share with us about space travel and a wealth of incredible stories and photographs. Olivia even had her own astronaut cover jump suit to wear and share with us. It really brought what we have been learning to life!

Blasting into Science, Reading, Writing and Math!

Over the last week and into next week our Unit is on "Space". We have quite a few Science standards that relate to space, gravity, and day/night. We will be doing some Space-themed Literacy and Math centers, reading fiction and non-fiction books, and answering the MANY questions the children have come up with on the "What I want to Know" section of our ' Our Learning' anchor chart!

Super Hero Conventions

As we move into the second half of the school year we will be looking a little closer at the conventions being used in our writing. I wanted to let you know about the Super Heros we are using to help us remember them (you can remind your child of them when writing at home too!).... "Super SPACE man", "CAPITAL Cathy" and "PERIOD Peter".
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