Medicare Act Of 1965

Social Security Act XVII


Many politicians were involved in drafting the final bill that was introduced to the United States Congress in March 1965. On July 30, 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill into law.

How it stareted

In 1960, the Kerr-Mills Act created the Medical Assistance for the Aged (MAA) program which gave states the power to decide which patients needed financial assistance. The federal government would provide matching funds to the states for the program. Some states did not participate or abide by the Act. Another preliminary bill, the King-Anderson Bill, was introduced in 1962. Under it, some hospital and nursing home costs for patients 65 and older would have been covered. Although this bill was defeated in committee, the vote was narrow (12-11), signaling a shift in attitudes.

LBJ signs Medicare act

Friday, July 30th 1965 at 8pm

Independence, MO, United States

Independence, MO

President LBJ sign the medicare act making it official that it was now intact.