Johnny English:

It's About To Go Down!

Johnny English:It's About To Go Down

He is so strong he trains with his grandmas 2 pound weights.He is so smart he gets Fs for fantastic on his agency exams.He is so fast,he got second place when he raced his pet turtle.He is so cool he doesn't have a car he rides on his pet turtle.He is the great Johnny English!

Summary Of The Movie

The movie "Johnny English:It's About To Go Down" is about Johnny and his assistant Helen getting picked by the agency manager to try to catch Gerald (aka The Mad Hacker) who is hacking into the militaries nuclear weapons.Gerald is hacking into the militaries nuclear weapons because he wants everyone in the world to fear him,he wants to be king of the world.Later in the movie Helen finds a way to track Gerald down.Johnny is amazed by this and falls in love with her.At the end of the movie Johnny captures Gerald and finds out he was the agency manager.The agency manager had picked Johnny because Johnny is a horrible agent and Gerald never thought Johnny would capture him.After Gerald goes to prison Johnny proposes to Helen which thinks about it for an hour,but then says yes.So they get married and Johnny is now the agency manager.He blew up the agency building 5 times in a row.


The author of this movie lives in Clearwater Florida.Mateo goes to the school Clearwater Plato academy.His favorite sport is basketball,he also likes to play soccer.Mateo loves to hang out with his family and friends ,he especially likes playing with his little brother Gerald.The antagonist in the movie got his name from mateo's little brother.