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Week of April 22

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Connected and Supported

The holiday always allows families a chance to come together, set the world aside for a moment, and embrace the beauty in the day given to us. This Sunday we awoke to an array of pastel-colored Easter eggs nestled in Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies of every shape and size, bunny feet prints leading out the door, and big smiling faces waiting to hear the, "Ready, Set, GO" cue!

After the Easter egg hunt is complete, it is our family tradition to begin prepping for the Easter dinner. Each family member has a specific item to work on and we busily begin working around each other as we tell stories of our own parents and grandparents Easter kitchen moments! Magic begins instantly as we all come together asking to hand over the mixer, passing the eggs, wiping the counters, and creating casserole after casserole.

At these moments, we are all connected and feel supported by one another. The kids read out recipes and tell us to add just a little more cocoa powder in their cookies, one of us takes over the dishes to save us the headache later, and not once do we find a fault in anything. We work as a team and the ending result proves it. As we sit down to finally enjoy our dinner, we all take a moment to thank each other, send our love to family members in heaven, take in our blessings, and then dig in!

Our holiday traditions are 100% about staying connected and feeling supported. When you bond by connections your relationships grow stronger instantly. A connection makes you feel safe and secure and has a way of sending positive vibes when you are around that person(s). I have found, not only through my family, but with friends and others around me, feelings of connection do more than encourage good intentions; they also spur positive actions.

Alkek Elementary is unique in its own way, as it doesn't matter if it is a holiday or not, our Alkek family comes together every school day and begins mixing different recipes together to enrich our students. Whether a teacher, a paraprofessional, admin, student, nurse, cafeteria worker, custodian, etc. we connect as one and support each other. The ending result of these recipes lead to a positive educational atmosphere!

Think about it, we feel connected when we feel close to others; we feel supported when we feel like others care about us and are available to help. When students feel connected to their teachers and peers, they feel more positive about school. When students feel more positive about school; attendance rates increase, grades go up, and attitudes turn optimistic!

I encourage each reader to reach out and find more connections. With each connection, it will lead you to another support system. Continue to build on each of these and I can guarantee positive results for all parties involved. The most important ingredient, in all of our recipes, is always the student/child, remember this as you continue to build. Our Alkek family is prepared to continue to have a positive influence on each other and our students as we finish out this school year! I can guarantee the ending result will be magical, just like our Easter dinner!

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Connecting through Positive Words!



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5th grade sweeps week 3 and wins Subway sandwiches for their whole grade!


Last Thursday our attendance percentages were amazing!

Let's see which grade will win the PopCorn Party for week 4!!!

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April 22- Student/Teacher Holiday
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April 25-5th 6 Weeks Report Cards

April 26-3rd Grade B.U.G AM

5th 6 Weeks Perfect Attendance Party!


May 3rd-Alkek Talent Show!!


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Meet Kelly!

Mrs. Garcia is a 2nd Grade Teacher here at Alkek!

She has been teaching for for 10 years. Mrs. Garcia has worked for Judson ISD, Eagle Pass ISD and Kerrville ISD. We have been beyond lucky to have her with the Bulldog Family going on 2 years now!

A little about Mrs. Garcia:

She married her husband-Jason on August 6, 2005!
They have 2 Alkek Elementary Bulldogs:
Gavin-11, and Grace-5

She is a Sagittarius born on December 20th!

Fun fact about Sagittarians- your charisma and showmanship help define you to others. In all of your social dealings, you are kind, warm and witty! This fits Kelly very well!

Her favorite hobby outside of school and teaching are: deer hunting, fishing and beach time with her family!

Mrs. Garcia's favorite book is from her childhood: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

Kelly says she is still hooked on her favorite past time TV shows and constantly watch reruns of Friends and Seinfeld!

She is a furry animal lover, they have a 2 year old male blue heeler named Bandera!

Her favorite holiday is Christmas! She enjoys everything about it. She says, "I enjoy making cookies with the family, decorating the house and wrapping gifts, and most of all, watching Gavin and Grace open their gifts on Christmas morning!"

Kelly's favorite quote or words she tends to live by are:

"Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy."

When asked if she had a hero, Kelly says, "My dad...for showing me the importance of family and friends. He was always there for me when i needed him."

Kelly says she is most proud of Gavin and Grace! She says they completed the family!

When asked a little about how she ended up where she is now, Kelly says, "I grew up in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, and graduated from Alamo Heights High School. I have a younger brother, Douglas, and a younger sister, Ragen. While in college, I met my husband Jason and later we married in San Antonio. We moved from San Antonio to Eagle Pass and then Bandera!"

We love having Mrs. Garcia with us at Alkek!

Thanks for all you do, Kelly, we appreciate you so much!

Enjoy your spotlight!


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