Of Mice and Men

By: John Stinebeck

Chapter 1 - 3 Plot Events

Chapter 1:
  • George and Lennie get ran out of Weed.
  • George and Lennie are look for a ranch to work on and have a life.
  • George and Lennie camp out and try to make their way to the ranch.

Chapter 2:

  • George and Lennie finally arrive at the Boss's ranch and ask for a job.
  • George and Lennie meet the Boss, Curley, Curley's Wife.
  • George and Lennie gets settled in at the ranch and begin their job tomorrow.

Chapter 3:

  • George and Slim start work on the ranch together while George tells Slim about Lennie.
  • Curley threatened to hurt Lennie just because he was big and strong.
  • Curley also made fun of Lennie because he didn't like how Lennie was bigger than he was.


  1. George: Direct
  2. Lennie: Direct
  3. Curley: Direct
  4. Curley's wife: Indirect
  5. Candy:
  6. Slim: Indirect
  7. The Boss: Indirect
  8. Crooks: Direct

Of Mice and Men

Chapters 4-6 Plot Events

Chapter 4:
  • George meets Crooks on the ranch that he was working on.
  • Lennie meets Crooks and tells Crooks what had happened in George's past with Aunt Clara.

Chapter 5:

  • Lennie kills Curley's wife because it was an accident due to Lennie's mental and physical issues.
  • Lennie snaps Curley's Wife's neck.

Chapter 6:

  • Lennie dies.
  • George has to kill Lennie because of his actions.
  • George uses a gun and shot Lennie.

Peter Kouch