Weekly Wellness Update

Week of October 11-15 - All Feelings Are Ok

Feeling Okay About Feeling Bad is Good For Your Mental Health

When you have a negative emotion, are you upset or disappointed in yourself? Do you feel “bad” or “guilty” about this emotion? If so, you may be at risk for poorer longer-term psychological health.

A study in the July 2017 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology looked at the psychological health of people who accept, rather than negatively judge, their emotional experiences. Researchers found that accepting these experiences led to fewer negative emotions when confronted with daily stressors.

The article reported on three separate, but related, studies that explored how accepting negative emotions, rather than reacting to them, affects a person’s psychological health.

3 Reasons You Must Accept Your Feelings No Matter What They Are

If you are alive you feel things.

People have feelings all the time. In fact, you are probably having a feeling far more often than you are not.

Feelings come and go, wax and wane, and ebb and flow throughout your day. Most cause barely a ruffle or ripple in your life, and that's just fine.

But some feelings can take on extra power. They may have built themselves up over years of having the same experience over and over again, they may be a result of a one-time event that made a great impact, or they may be far out of your awareness so that its difficult for you to properly address them. These are only some of the ways that a feeling may become more intense.

Emotions and the Brain
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