2nd Grade Newsletter

PMES 2nd graders rock!!

What We Are Learning....

Reading - This week we have been continued practicing retelling stories that we have been reading. Next week, we will work on text to self connection. This will lead us into our informational reading unit the following week.

Writing - We will be transitioning to informational writing. We will be producing two different pieces of writing for this unit. One will be scientific writing and the other will be an "All About" piece. The students will pick something they are an expert on to write about.

Word Work/Spelling - We have a new set of spelling words for the next two weeks. The new spelling words are:but, what, all, were, not, we, when, can, said, your . The words will be tested on Oct. 23rd. We will also be learning different spelling patterns of long o and short o.

Grammar- We will learn the past tense of irregular verbs. For example: sat, hid, told.

Math - We will begin learning strategies to add and subtract within 100. We will also use these strategies to help us solve one and two step word problems.

Social Studies - We are ready for a switch to social studies. We will begin with a unit on map skills and the 5 regions of Georgia.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

October 12th - Columbus Day/Student Holiday

October 15th - Field Day

October 19th - 23rd - ITBS

October 30th - Fall Dress Up Day

*** Please make sure to pay for the field trip in MyPaymentsPlus.com.

Have a fabulous weekend!!