Greetings 8th Grade Parents!

Update on Technology Usage

Happy Monday!

This semester, I am working to integrate more technology in my math classroom to aid personalized learning for each student's learning styles and creativity. A big push in the modern world is towards math and using technology and I want to prepare the students to be able to continue in their math education.

I want you all to be aware of the resources that I will be exploring so that you can offer suggestions to me and the students in whether you find them helpful or not. I welcome all feedback as this is an experiment for me as well! But, I am excited to get this started!

Show Me

The school has purchased a school-wide plan through Show Me so that every student in my class has access to the website. We will set up your child's log in in class so that they are able to access the website at home as well.

I will be utilizing this website to post lessons that we have done in class as a review. The student's will be able to access these lessons to review them, as well as any video that other teachers across the US have made that are about the same subject. If a student is having an issue with a certain topic, he or she will be able to find more lessons about that topic so that they can have more explanation and practice.

I am excited about this tool as I know that it will be helpful to have in-class examples worked out again when they are reviewing for their tests. After the students understand how the website works, I hope to use it as a group project later in the semester and have groups create lessons for the rest of the class as review projects as well!


Desmos is a free website that we will use throughout the semester whenever we are working with graphing. This resource will allow the students to collaborate to complete different tasks that are related to our topic that week.

Using the classroom computers, the students will be able to work together to complete the in-class tasks that I assign. Their log in will be shared with you all so that they are able to go back and review these when they are at home.

There will not be anything tested using this website, as we will not utilize the computers during the test time but there will be a few at-home assignments that will just serve as a review so that the students can make sure they understand the concepts behind the activities.

Remind 101

Remind 101 is a free resource that I have already tested, and I feel will be helpful during those busy afternoons. It allows me to send out a quick message to the device that you sign up with so that I can remind students and you as well about assignments, or upcoming tests.

It only takes about 15 seconds for you to sign up, and all you have to do is text a number that links you to my Remind account. I plan to use this as an alternative to emails, because I know that the students have their cell phones attached to their hips and I will use this only for important information that I do not want them to forget!

If parents do not want to get the messages, that is totally fine! But, if you would like I am offering it to both students and teachers so that y'all are in the loop too!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions! I am excited about the technology integration throughout the semester!