Cell Wall

Do you want to become a cell wall? Well look below and see if you have what it takes to become a cell wall!

Do you have the skill to protect bacteria and viruses!? Well come in and become a Cell Wall! Cell Wall is a very important Job and a huge opportunity. You must go through series of training to protect and maintain water pressure.

How to become a Cell Wall

Cell wall takes a lot of effort and training. There are some requirements, you must have cellulose,if you don't have cellulose the cell will be destroyed and the boss would not be happy with that. You must have extreme muscles! In order for the cell wall to stay structured it needs a point where it can stay up. You also must be aware of all of your surroundings! Remember the job of the cell wall is to keep the cell membrane protected.

When you become a cell wall you get to live behind the secure cell wall.