Update from Room 208

Ms. Paul's 4th Grade Class

January 27, 2017

Highlights from the week

This past week we:

  • had fun during Colonial Day!
  • (Yikes, it's not even Spring Break yet!)
  • revisited expectations for transitions and classroom routines (Double Yikes!!)

Curriculum News


This week we:

  • started multiplication unit - multiplying up to 3 by 2 digit numbers
  • explored different strategies to multiply larger numbers

Language Arts

This week we:

  • discussed the parts of a paragraph
  • identified and discussed the themes and messages of historical fiction


This week we:

  • started research for NASA Project: Moon Life
  • researched the differences of the surfaces on the sun, moon, and earth
  • practiced our songs about planets size vs order


Parents ask your child these questions. Do their answers match what is written below?

Q: What resources can you use to complete the proofreading homework?

A: Dictionary, thesaurus

Q: What is the NASA Project? How will you present it?

A: Plan and drafting Monday - Thursday. Presenting on Google Slides on Friday

Q: Will your class exchange Valentines on Tuesday?

A: Yes! Bring Valentines for everyone or no one. Bring a container to collect your Valentines

Q: What genres /types of books have you NOT read on the reading log?

Q: When is the Science test?

A: Thursday or Friday 2/16 or 17th

Coming Soon!

Valentine exchange and treat on Tuesday. See the class list below.

President's Day - No School - Monday 2/20

Science POP QUIZ on Monday or Tuesday- Astronomers theories and phases of the moon

Can you help?

Our classroom needs...


Disinfecting Wipes

Hard Candy - individually packaged ( ex: Lifesavers, Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, Dum Dums)

Pencils - preferably pre sharpened


All students have their own DREAMBOX account. The password is hawks. Please set aside time each week for your child to log on and practice multiplication, division, and fractions. **It is recommended that students work on Dreambox for 15-20 when assigned as homework.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Paul