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Summer ideas

During the summer it's easiest to put your instrument back in the case and forget about it until the first day of school in August. As easy as that is, it's the worst thing that you can do to your instrument. Your instrument is meant to be played with on a regular basis. If you don't play your instrument regularly then it's possible that your instrument will stop working or develop problems while sitting in it's case.

Summer is a good time to send your instrument into the repair shop for routine maintenance. All instrument need to be cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis in order to maintain their ability to properly work.

Tips for all players.

PLAY your instrument at least once a week. This will help to keep the keys/valves working properly throughout the summer when you may play less often.

Tips for woodwind players.

PLAY your instrument at least once a week. After playing your instrument make sure that you swab out all of the parts of your instrument. Swabbing will get moisture out of your instrument which can cause mold and weird smells. Reed players should stock up on new reeds to use during the summer and for the start of the new year.

Tips for brass players.

PLAY your instrument at least once a week. Make sure to empty out your spit valve after playing and wipe down your instrument where you have touched it after playing. Keep your instrument well lubricated with either valve oil, for valved instruments, or slide cream for trombones. This is a good time to purchase new valve oil or slide cream.

Tips for percussion players.

PLAY your instrument at least once a week. Use a moist towelette to wipe down your all of your sticks. Throw away any broken sticks and replace them before school starts. Play through your scales on mallets and your snare drum exercises on your drum pad.

7th Grade band playing National Anthem at the Schaumburg Boomers Baseball Game

Fremont Band National Anthem

Summer Band T-shirt Pictures

Send Mr. Burger a picture of your child wearing their Fremont Band spirit wear during the summer. Pictures can be from your back yard or from vacation. I'll include them in a slide show at the beginning of the year.