VCR Presentation #3

Fill in the Blank

While Malaria still exists, it is not ____________ to the United States, or the rest of the Western World.
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The Word is... Endemic

Endemic (adj.):

Commonly found in a particular region or among a particular people.


  • aboriginal
  • native
  • indigenous
  • regional


  • cosmopolitan
  • nonindigenous
  • nonnative

Usage Tip:

The definitions of native, indigenous, and endemic are very similar, however what they imply is slightly different for each word.

  • native implies birth or origin in a particular place
  • indigenous applies to certain species or races
  • endemic implies a specific region


GREEK - demos (meaning "people")

FRENCH - endémique

LATIN - endemicus

Choose the letter below in which the word "endemic" is used incorrectly

a) In 2014, ebola became an endemic, spreading rapidly around the world.

b) Red clay, is endemic to the North Carolina region.

c) Despite being the lesser known species of panda, the red panda is endemic to all of Asia.

d) Willow trees are not indigenous to this region, but they are endemic.

The Correct Answer is A:

Epidemic would have been a more correct word to use.