The emerald isle, the holy riches of spuds

Foods of Ireland

Some of the irish people start a day with some veggies and a glass of goats milk and the men in the afternoon go to the pub and get some whiskey, the women often go to the markets and buy hand grown fruits and veggies.
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Cultures, Historys, and arts in ireland

Ireland's main religion is christianity and also many irish women love to dance, and some of the men in ireland often play the bagpipes and the main holiday of ireland is St. Patrick's day. Ireland has many traditions you could find out. Look it up!

Tourism, Activities, ect. in Ireland

Many tourist come to ireland to see the beautiful landscapes but many come because of the blarney stone to kiss it! Yeah to kiss don't ask why its just their culture, and don't forget there is lots of historical sights.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Historical sights in ireland

There are many famous historical sights in ireland but we are gonna look at 2 of them. The first sight is called the blarney stone. The blarney stoe is made out of blue stone. "Legend tells anyone who kisses the blarney stone gets the gift of gab". The second one we will be looking at is the famous grave of St. Patrick. St. Patrick was a famous person in the 400's A.D. He escaped prison when he so heard a voice he beleived to be God's voice. It told him to leave ireland. St. Patrick also introduced Christianity to ireland. He introduced Christianity to VERY many countries which is what made him so famous today he is a very famous monument in ireland. Sight were i got the St. patrick research from: http://bit.ly/8XuIaJ



Language in ireland

There is not much to there language but they have 2 official languages; Irish (Also called gaelic) And English

Climate and weather in ireland

Ireland has a very calm average climate. They can have cool winters. And hot summers. Ireland has a very similar climate to Texas. They never have abnormal weather. Its usuallly cloudy, sometimes it rains sometimes which is usually very calm and smooth.
A Calm Day
sight for St. Patrick's Grave http://bit.ly/16sla2

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