My Research Topics

By:Oscar Berrios


Are ghosts real? Are they really lifeless souls without a host? Many people do believe in ghosts but others don't? That's what make the paranormal interesting to me, the mystery. That maybe there is another realm beyond our Earth, or maybe there's not.

My Question: How might people react if ghosts do exist?


Soccer(football) has inspired me and probably millions of other people too. Famous players like Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi have inspired for me to play and to practice harder.

My Question: Will soccer become more popular in the United States in the future?


Science is everywhere. Everything is created by science. Everyday things like baking, cooking and even throwing a ball is all some sort of science. Science can effect a lot of different things in either a big or small way.

My question: What effects can global warming cause on the environment?