Peek of the Week

Ms. Welker's Class-Week 2 Edition

Welcome our new student Jethro to our Class!


Our class is in search of a room mom. If you would be interested in being our room mom, our class would greatly appreciate it! Room mom's help plan and organize class parties, field trips, and other events throughout the year! Please let me know if you are willing!

Thank you so much for those who already said they would like to help out in the classroom!

Happy Birthday to...

Seleste-September 3rd

Saim-September 4th

Daniela- September 9th

Book Clubs

Last week, your child brought home our scholastic book club flyers. This is a great way to build your at home library and help our classroom library too! Each book that is purchased gives our class points to buy books for the classroom. This month, any student that orders books from the book clubs will receive a free poster with their order. You can order online (using our class code) or by filling out the order form on the back of flyers and send it back to class.

Also, our class will be participating in the book it Pizza-Hut reading program. Your child will receive a free personal pizza from Pizza-Hut if they complete their reading log for this month!


Last week in ELA, students listened to many books read aloud and began their reader's response notebooks. They recorded the books we read and drew a picture about what the book meant to them and wrote about their favorite part of the book. One of the books that we read was called: The Name Jar and found out that our new student Jethro is from Korea, and he shared what his Korean name looked like and what it meant...just like the main character from the story. We also added Jethro's name to our class name chart! We made great connections to these stories and grew our schema! We also introduced two new stations, "The library Station" and the "Read the Room station". After we practiced the new stations, our class wrote the rules for the stations.

The Name Jar Read Aloud-

More links-

In word study/phonics, students located sight words from our shared reading poem called: "ABC Chant" and highlighted words that rhymed.

In writer's workshop, students got to meet the author (themselves)! We discussed many ideas and topics that writers use to write stories about. Students took a writing survey about how writing makes them feel.

Next week in ELA, students will continue to learn how to make connections to the read alouds and use their schema to learn new things. Students will use what they know about rhymes to create rhyming words in sentences. During writer's workshop, students will begin making their own books/stories and become authors of great work. We'll discuss how to draw our pictures to match the words we write and how to come up with a good title for our books.

Home Challenge:

* students can retell or act out nursery rhymes/songs

*students can practice drawing characters from books

* make jitter juice (see last week's newsletter)

* use magnetic letters to build their name and other sight words

*place sight words around the house for them to see and read

*Play sight word splat

*words of art-allow students to write words with paint on paper/display

* visit the library for books they like to read

*parents can write notes and place them in their child's lunch box for a special surprise

* word hunt-go on a walk to record all the words that you see on your adventure

*play word games during family fun night


Last week in math, we began learning about graphs and analyzing data collected from them. We read the book: Tally O'Malley and reviewed how to make tallies and collect data to create a graph. We also used color goldfish and sorted by color, tallied up the amount of each color, graphed the data, and analyzed our information. Students also created an "All About Me graph" and discovered that are friends are alike and different.

Tally O'Malley Read Aloud-

Next week, we will focus on number patterns, reciting numbers forwards and backwards to 120, ten frames, learn how to subitize numbers by looking at the number arrangements, as well as learning about numbers on a number line.

Home challenge:

*Create a survey for students to collect data on to make a graph

* Have your child sort and graph the items in their home/outside

* Have your child create their own graph and collect data from their family (favorite color/meal/snack/ice-cream).


Last week in science, students used science tools to observe and experiment. We talked about how good scientists ask questions and records everything that happens during an experiment. Students used their observation skills and five senses to discover what happened to Gobstoppers when we put them in water. Ask your child what happens and what they know now about the everlasting candies. Students used their lab notebooks to record their findings.

Next week, students will learn more about what a scientist does, and begin our weather unit.

Home Challenge:

*students can recreate the experiments we did in class

*students can practice how to use a hand lens properly (view newspaper, or other smaller objects)

* practice putting on plastic gloves and taking them off

* go on a nature walk and look for signs of science (record in a notebook).

* research different types of scientist and what they do

Social Studies

Last week in social studies, student practiced classroom procedures and routines as well as classroom/school rules. We talked about our new point system and how to earn points using classdojo. On Friday, students were given their dojo class code and go online and sign up to change their avatar. Students will be able to use their dojo points to buy classroom rewards. We also discussed jobs/roles that people have and watched a video about our government.

Next week, we will continue learning more about our school, our community, our local and national government. We will also be learning about who makes the rules, who follows them, and ways to be a good citizen. Students will know the ins and outs of how to be a good leader.

Home Challenge:

*create and post your household rules for the family to follow

*discuss rewards and consequences at home

* assign your child a job/chore to help others

* day challenge-find a way each day to help someone

* read books about community helpers/leaders

* visit the local library and talk to the librarian

News and upcoming events

Please check and sign your child's blue communication folder each and every day. On Fridays, students will have the chance to have "shoes off day" if their folder is signed by their parents each day.

School starts at 8:00, tardy slips are now being given at 8:01.

School ends at 3:25

All car riders need to remember their car rider color and number for dismissal. If you still need a car rider tag, please stop by the office to be issued one.

Lunch visitors for First Grade is on Wednesdays!

Lunch time is at 11:20-11:50

Please practice lunch numbers, special numbers, car rider numbers with your child

Don't get tripped up at school-practice tying those shoe laces! safety first :)

Thursday, September 10th- PTO Meeting in cafeteria

Friday, September 11th- Grandparents' Breakfast in cafeteria @ 7:15

Wednesday, September 16th- Picture Day :)