The Role of Bacteria in the World

By Olivia Warren


Desulfobacteriaeceae can only survive in anaerobes enviornments. However this bacteria has been recently tested to remove selenium, zinc, and possibly even arsenic from contaminated water. It binds to zinc and sulfate which takes it out of the water. They are still currently researching it but they believe it to soon be very beneficial to cleaning water in the future.
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They contain more DNA than other bacterium. In its rest stage is it a cyst. This bacteria is found in alkaline soil, some plants, and aquatic environments. The characteristic is most known for is its metabolism. It fixes nitrogen into ammonia and makes a protein in which protects the nitrogenase from"oxygen provoked stress". The ammonia is used for multiple things we use weekly or even daily. It is found in cleaning products and fertilizers. It is known for de gratin of organic matter and disease suppression.

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This bacteria lives in the urinary, digestive and genital systems. It can also be found in foods such as yogurt and dietary supplements. Lactobacilus can treat or prevent diarrhea. This bacteria is used for various things such as treating vaginal and urinary tract infections,Lyme disease, lactose intolerance, skin disorders such as acne, fever blisters,

eczema,canker sores, and it is also used for digestion problems. It is most widely treated and researched in helping with digestion problems and diarrhea. Lactic acid is produced from this bacteria which is used for many things. Lastly is helps maintain healthy micro flora in the digestive tracts.

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They surround themselves with a plating that consists of calcite. They live in aquatic environments and don't require oxygen. Viruses get in between weak plates and heads straight to the nucleus. Within the nucleus they reproduce more viruses which then get released in a seamless strand almost and infect other coccolithophores. In cases the coccolithophores send messages to other coccolithophores to warn them. These signals are weak but when many are infected its one loud warning signal. When others receive these messages they change their plates to impenetrable scales. Once these scales don't work they have a suicide mission and just kill themselves before the virus is able to create more if the virus doesn't try to keep it alive. It sheds it's platelets when it dies which create formations which can be seen from space. These blooms breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen as they die. This oxygen is responsible for half the world's oxygen.