All About Me:

Featuring: Elijah J. Oglesby

10 words describing me

  1. country: small towns
  2. humble: not recognizing ones importance or skills
  3. docile: ready to accept control or instructions
  4. sustenance: supportive
  5. gentle: calm and kind
  6. considerate: showing careful thought
  7. sympathetic: feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy
  8. considerate: careful not to hurt to others
  9. gentleman: respectful to everybody and polite
  10. delightful: causing delight; charming
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I have a honda 125 2 stroke. I have always had dirt bikes my whole life.

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I raise White Sussexs (chickens) I am about to build another chicken coup for them.

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I am very country, i only own a few acres though, but nobody knows where it is. (it is in the country)

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I have two Japanese Akitas, one 10 years old and one 6 months old

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I mow lawns for people who go to my church and my neighbors

My Favorite Song (Got You in The Back of My Mind)

I got you in the back of my mind

i think about you all of the time

I'm not the best at telling you how I

feel so let me sing it out, I will

scream and shout

Hey girl the way i feel I swear

it is so unreal and my heart

My biggest influence

My most influencing people in my life are

My Father, My grandmother they raised me


Book: Touchdown

Movie: Fast & Furious

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Places that have impacted me

I have been to Georgia, and that impacted me because it as so pretty and we where visiting my Great Uncle who was getting really sick.
This is Country Music -- Brad Paisley (LYRICS!)