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The Monthly Lowdown On Leap For Literacy: February

Leap Day Celebration!

Please join us as we LEAP into 2020 at the inaugural Leap for Literacy Social on Saturday, February 29th at 6:00 p.m. at Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, GA . Attenders can tour the Read n' Roll bus, delight in a creative buffet from Chef Collins Woods, as well as sip wine and beer. The evening will follow with a keynote speech by Antonio Saunders, Vice President of Program at Teach for America. Please join us this evening to LEAP into the mission of Leap For Literacy -promoting leadership, literacy, and kindness. Click the link below to get your tickets!



Our read-aloud of the month is We Shall Overcome: The Story Of A Song by Deborah Levy. Our founder, Stan Tucker loves to read/sing this book to students. The message of perseverance, hope, working together, and standing up for what is right has value and very relevant in today's' time.

If you'd like to schedule this read-aloud for Black History Month, go to our website and submit your information for your school. Spots are limited, so don't delay!

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Lariah Alexandria is our featured author of the month! This 8-year-old actress, model can now add “author” to her growing list of accomplishments! Lariah wanted to encourage all people, regardless of their age or anything else, to follow their dreams! Lariah encouraged all the students at Beecher Hills Elementary to follow their dreams when she read her book to them. She also donated copies of her book to go on the Read'n Roll for the students to choose that day! Her book was the most requested that day! We are so thankful for kind authors like Lariah and we are so proud her and all her accomplishments! You can purchase her book and keep with her accomplishments at

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Ashley Nelson is an elementary school teacher with over a decade of years of experience in the classroom. Ashley specializes in building positive learning environments for students of all backgrounds and circumstances to be successful. A strong believer in the power of leading by example and treating students with respect and kindness, Ms. Nelson is able to build a strong rapport with the children she teaches in order to gain successful progress in their academic, social, and emotional growth. As a product of public school education through Gwinnett County Schools, Ms. Nelson is an advocate for public education and works to enhance the quality of education for the whole child in the public school system. Ms. Nelson was named Coweta County School Systems Teacher of the Year in 2019.

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Kindness is the currency for students to receive books from our Bookmobile! For the month of January, the Students at Fair Oaks Elementary completed 1,811 acts of kindness! The most any school has completed in a month. Way to go! We are so proud of these kind kids and they definitely earned their books! Can they do more next month?

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The purpose of the Share Your Story program is to inspire kids to write their own stories. We believe that everyone has a story that is worth sharing! Every student in the school is given a blank book and instructions on how to become an author! This book by Jaxon Styles is our "Share your story" book of the month. We loved reading his tribute to his favorite football player, Julio Jones. If anyone has any connections with the Falcons or Julio Jones let us know! We'd love to help Jaxson get the opportunity to meet his hero someday!

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In keeping with the sporting season, our students won the “Big” game with Stan Tucker and his Leap for Literacy Program. To combine students demonstrating Acts of Kindness with receiving a brand new book of their choosing off of his Read ‘n Roll bus is genius. Today, over 800 students received a brand new book for demonstrating at least 1 act of kindness per day, during the month of January. Not only does his monthly program promote a positive school culture, but it also ramps up reading excitement for all students, regardless of their reading level of desire. Our students and our staff cannot wait until Stan the Man, and his Read 'n Roll bus revisits us at the end of next month, as their classroom Act of Kindness boxes are already filling up. Thank you, Stan, and your Leap for Literacy program – it is a game-changer.

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