The Invasion of Normandy

Freeing Europe from Nazi Germany

The invasion of Normandy

The invasion of Normandy was when the Allies planned one of the most important invasions in world history. The plan of D-Day was when the Allies needed to free Europe from the Nazis. It was a large opperation. On the Allied side, it involved 150,000 troops, 11,590 planes, 1,200 combat ships, and 4,100 landing ships. The whole invasion covered 50 miles (Chelsea to Detroit is about 57 miles).
BBC D-Day: The Last Heroes - Potted History

How it is similar today's warfare

D-Day was an important, large battle in a huge war. World War II really raged over all the planet. As a consequence of the war, 3% of the the world's population of 1939 was killed. If that happened today, 210,000,000 people would be dead. This was the last great conflict of the world's great military powers. D-Day was an important turning point in that great conflict. It helped free Europe by pushing the Nazi's forces back to Berlin from the western front, while the Soviets did the same from the eastern front.

The weapons that we have now bear the same name as old names of weapons; tanks, planes, machine guns, and mortars. Generals still command armies. There are still bombings. And people still plan attacks. Just like then, we are currently in a war in Afghanistan.

How it's different today

There are still planes, tanks, machine guns. In the past, the weaponry was more simple like single shot rifles and long clip machine guns more like the Thompson M1A1 submachine gun, a World War II Allied weapon used to fight the Germans back to Berlin. More modern weapons like multi shot snipers or more advanced machine guns much like the British L85A1 (pictured) are built better an able to kill more and not jam. In the past, the Soviets had this problem with there tanks. They jammed and the crew did not know how to fix them, so the tanks were abandoned. Similarly, modern planes and boats are better made and capable of more destruction. There are also new weapons such as nuclear bombs, laser-guided bombs, and night-vision goggles.

As a consequence of the new weapons, recently, there have been no great battles between great powers. No one has dared to take over a continent. Now country's don't use a sea wall the invasion of Normandy proved it was a hard way to defend the coasts. The great powers will help smaller country's fight their enemies but the powers will not attack each other directly. Where World War II raged over all the planet, modern warfare is more regional. People who want to attack the U.S.A. go where our new weapons don't give us an advantage. This type of fighting is called guerrilla warfare. The spots they attack are in urban areas like big cities or in mountains or jungles.

We had better hope that we never see a large scale battle like D-Day in a large scale war like World War II again. With our modern warfare capabilities, it is likely that more than 3% of the worlds population would die.