Abraham Lincoln

Honest abe save the day

View On Slavery

Lincoln believed that government would not endure if half of the states were free and if the other half were slave states he believed slavery was a threat to labor and it wouldnt recocile with a free society.

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If Lincoln wasnt elected president then life as we know it would be different. people wouldnt be the same and slavery would still be an issue. Also the country would still be torn apart by secession from the North and South. Lastly, the country wouldnt be as big as it is today since it would be divided we would probably go back and forth with was because of one side trying to gain more territory from the other side

The Republican Party

The 1860 republican convention was held in chicago at the wigman. Abraham lincoln showed great leadership skills and qualities throughout his yers as a republican. He showed that he really wanted to be a republican and the things he talked about was his word and he meant everything that he talked bout.

What Lincoln thinks about secession.

Lincoln views on leaving the union was that "Secession was impossible." And that all states should stay loyal to the union.


"Honest Abe Saves The Day"