Act 1 Scene 3

Kemi Asuwko


Act 1 Scene 3 Summary

In Act 1 Scene 3 Juliet's Nurse and Lady Capulet ( Juliets mother) talk to Juliet about getting married and who she should marry. Lady Capulet believes Juliet should marry Paris. She believes that it would help her social status and be good for the family. When Lady Capulet tells this to Juliet, Juliet confesses that she doesnt want to get married at this time. Also in the scene the audience gets their first insite of the relationship between Juliet and her mother and aslo Juliet and her Nurse.During the scene Lady Capulet and Nurse are foils to eachother. The Nurse is a foil to Lady Capulet because LAdy Capulet forgets her daughters age and she steps in telling Lady Capulet the correct age. Lady Capulet is a foil to the Nurse because the Nurse is protrayed as loud and roudy Lady Capulet resembles a women of class and high status.


I Don't Want to Be a Bride Lyrics~ Vanessa Carlton

I Dont want to be a Bride

This song fits the theme of this scene because it talks about a girl not wanting to get married. In this song the artist mentions that she doesnt want to be a bride she just wants to be with someone she loves. Juliet doesn't want to be a bride neither, Juliet wants to marry someone she loves. When Lady Capulet tells Juliet she should marry Paris, Juliet tells her mother that she will look at him just to make her mother happy, but if she doesn't feel a connection or as if she was falling in love she would not marry him.