Allied Powers

United States, Russia, & Great Britain!

United States

The United States supported the Nationalist Government of China and they provided equipment pushing them into war after the Pearl Harbor attack took place. They were governed by a single-party.


Known as USSR or Soviet Union, they were governed by a single party by the Communist but later split up as the war went on.

Great Britain

Great Britain also known as the United Kingdom(UK) was a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy which means they're connected with others and held accountable but acts as nonpolitical head of state.


The United States tried to remain neutral during WW2 but Axis Powers bombed the Pearl Harbor forcing the U.S. to join the war with no other choice. The Allied Powers formed mostly as a defensive against the Axis. After Germany invading Poland Great Britain declared war on them and U.S. joined because of the bombing.
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After WWII United States and Russia became competitors causing the COLD WAR. After the war even though they won a consequence was still issued called the United Nations. This stated that there would be no more wars prior to WWII.
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