Peter The Great

By Aaron Baker

Accomplishments Of Peter

  • westernized the country of Russia
  • failed to expanded the borders over the Black sea so Russia had a warm water port for year round trade but Catherine the Great did.
  • Centralized the power to Royals in Russia
  • Expanded, empowered, and massed a huge army, which made Russia a military power
  • Made a navy from nothing

Interesting facts about Peter

  • He was 6'8 with a probable heavy Russian accent and tried to go under cover.
  • Had a policy that the country needs to be more westernized
  • the capital of Russia St. Petersburg, was created by him and was subsequently named it after himself
  • held lavish parties that mixed sexes to introduce westernized customs.

Pictures of the Great Monarch

Traits of Peter the Great

  • He was curious when he went to Europe to learn their customs and culture.
  • He was persistent in his efforts to expand his borders
  • he was very versatile, as he could design a whole city, being able to command and rebuild an army, and being able to introduce modern culture to a large country.

Policies of Peter the great

  • Peter the Great forced the nobles to ditch their robes and to cut their beards to match western fashion.
  • Peter promotes the belief of serfdom
  • forced the nobles to work for the state
PETER THE GREAT (discovery)