The Crusades

By: McKenna Pavelock

Christians and the MuslIms

The Crusades were between the Christians and the MuslIms. The war started in 1095 and ended in 1291 (even though were still fighting over Jerusalem now). They were fighting because the MuslIms took the cross that Jesus died on and took over Jerusalem. They ended up killing about 7,000,000 people, that's when they were fighting on the battlefield and taking over city's. Even though they killed all those people they surprisingly made progress on civilization. The muslIms ,also known as the Saracens, were led by Saladin while the Christians were led by many different people for different Crusades.

Cross is a french word "crois" meaning "cross"

Some people, right when they set foot, were killed by spies from the MuslIms.

Sinners who went to war and died were exempt from there punishments of sin.

Interesting things you should know

There were a total of 8 Crusades. Some of the weapons were crossbows, spears, bows, battle axes, lances, swords and others but mostly handheld weapons. The 8 wars were between the 11th and 13th century. They had "Great Horses" which is a horse they use in battles, games, and jousts but the horses were only for knights. They weren't alone though they could have help and most of the time when the christians conquered cities they kept the Christians and killed the MuslIms and the other way around for the MuslIms. They also sent messages for help to countries they knew would help and most of the time they did.