Keep your Privacy!

To help have secure passwords and be safe online!


The first thing to keep yourself safe and information safe is to have a hard to guess but easy to remember password. Adding numbers, uppercase, lowercase and symbols will help to make your passwords hard to guess, but make sure to make it something you can remember.

Watch this video to helps with creating a safe password and help explain in detail.

How to Choose Strong Passwords


Make sure you are very careful when signing up for new websites or when you're answering questions online. Many times when people are filling out forms or verifying themselves online, the questions can get a little personal and weird. If you notice that stop right away because it could be a scam! Scams can get serious information from you. You don't want that to happen.
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Website User Agreements

I know almost all people do not read the terms and agreements on things before they download or sign up for something. People that own that website or app you're signing up can trick you and add things to the terms and agreements without telling you or knowing that you will not read it. So, say the website or app did something you didn't like and you tried to sue them, but they tell you that you cannot sue them because it says specifically in the terms and agreements that you cannot. Just know that if you choose not to read the terms and agreements that you are putting yourself at risk.
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When you get a friend request on social media, make sure you know who it is before you press the accept button. You are giving these people access to the information that you post and your life basically. You have no clue what a random person can do with the stuff that you post so it's best to not put yourself at risk and only accept the people you know and trust.
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Be safe online and follow these to make your experience a great one!

- Isabelle Ivy-Raydl